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   Chapter 1197 The Guess (Part One)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 5489

Updated: 2019-02-26 00:25

Hearing Claire talk that way, Gerard's heart sank. There was nothing he could do to change the fact. All he could do was try and make the future brighter. He smiled bitterly about her enthusiasm. He could do nothing else, except shaking his head sadly.

"Claire, are you close to Gerard?" Belinda asked. She saw Gerard and Claire talking back and forth. They seemed to know each other.

"Not too close. We only met once. Why?" Claire smiled gently. She felt nervous in front of the gang. Edward, Duke, and the rest of them were so different from her friends. Everyone here acted in a decent and elegant way. They were comfortable around each other. They even teased each other. They were nothing like her friends. Those friends of hers could only bully other people and let their parents clean up their mess. Her friends were rude, to boot.

"Oh! I see! I thought you were old friends, considering the way you were carrying on." Belinda smiled as she looked at Claire and Gerard. Then she turned to Daisy and whispered in her ear.

"Slow down, Kevin! You know what too much spicy food does to you!" There was worry in Leena's tone. Lee told her about Kevin's issues with indigestion. Spicy food seemed to be the trigger.

"Don't worry, babe. I can take care of myself." Kevin comforted Leena, or at least tried to. He knew his limits well, and no one was more careful about his health than him.

"Leena's right. I would have forgotten about your indigestion problem if she didn't mention it. Kevin, you really should take care of yourself. No more tummy aches. And remember to take the pills with you. It's not good to forget them." Af

ionalize a lot to hide your true feelings. You explain things too much, and end up looking foolish." Belinda rolled her eyes at Duke. Even though he was her husband, she still couldn't understand why he was so indirect. Why couldn't he just come out and say things, instead of beating around the bush?

Duke squinted his eyes and looked at Belinda. 'Good. She must have forgotten how much of an animal I am in bed. That's why she said that. Well, tonight she'll know. She'll pay for mocking me.'

"Belinda, have some fish! It's brain food." Leena made fun of Belinda. She wondered why Belinda was razzing Duke so much tonight.

"Thanks, I -- Hey! Are you implying I'm stupid? I'll make you eat those words later!" Belinda said that in a huff. 'Leena and Duke are really family. One teases me at home, and the other makes fun of me in public. Did they reach an agreement to bully me? Like sister, like brother...'

"Implying? No. My bro was unhappy. Yet you kept teasing him. I'm not sure what you'd call that," Leena said in an innocent way. 'What's wrong with just stating the truth?'

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