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   Chapter 1196 Close Friends (Part Three)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 5644

Updated: 2019-02-26 00:16

."Justin, come and sit with me. You already spent a lot of time with uncle Kevin," Daisy said with a frown. 'Is Justin ignoring me on purpose? He's been pestering Kevin all this time. He didn't even greet me nor give me a hug. Is he still angry with me because I punished him a few days ago?' Daisy thought to herself.

"Mommy, I'm starving!" Justin ran towards his mother and threw himself in her arms.

"Sweetie, the dinner will be served soon." Daisy felt relieved when she realized that Justin wasn't angry with her. She held him in her arms and asked,"What you and uncle Kevin were talking about?"

"I was telling him that I miss uncle Lee a lot and I want to visit him at the army base. But you didn't take me there. Mommy, can you take me to the army base next weekend, please, please? Uncle Kevin said he would take care of me then," Justin asked with his head bending to one side, which melted Daisy's heart.

"Well, if you behave well next week, I can take you to the army base." Daisy pinched his little chubby face with love.

"You love uncle Kevin very much, huh? But you always argue with aunt Leena. Why is that?" Daisy asked curiously, wanting to hear Justin's answer.

"Yeah, I do love uncle Kevin. He's like my best friend, and I love to play with him. As for aunt Leena, she always acts like a little spoiled girl. Even I am more maturer than her. I don't like playing with her," Justin answered honestly.

"But aunt Leena is uncle Kevin's wife. If you continue to disrespect her, uncle Kevin may be upset. Do you want to upset your friend? Do you want to hurt his feelings?" Daisy asked with a sly smile and wondered whether Justin would change his attitude t

not the only one who was amazed by the strong men surrounding her. Gerard's attention was also focused on the women present. He thought there were just a few pretty girls in S City, but he obviously was so wrong. Every woman in the room was flawless and special in her own way.

"Gerard, this is a hot pot. Have you tried it before? We have two flavors here. One is spicy and the other one regular. Just try whatever you like," Claire invited like a welcoming and polite host.

"I've never eaten such thing before, but I like to try new things. Thank you, beautiful lady," Gerard answered in a polite manner. He cast a glance at the woman sitting next to him and found she was young and pretty.

"You are welcome. Leena is my sister-in-law. You're her friend, so we are friends now," Claire answered with a smile. Gerard was a handsome young man, though not as much as Edward. He was at his twenties, 180 cm tall. He had wide shoulders and very strong arms. His face had well-defined angles — his forehead, cheeks, and jawline were proportional, forming a kind and friendly outlook, which Claire found very trustworthy.

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