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   Chapter 1195 Close Friends (Part Two)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 5785

Updated: 2019-02-25 02:15

"Good. You have a clear perception of yourself. Always keep that in mind!" Edward said, raising an eyebrow. Since Rain was obedient to him, he decided to let Rain in peace.

"Rain, you are a lion among sheep and a sheep among lions!" Belinda joined in the conversation with a sarcastic smile.

"Hey guys, have I done something to you all to deserve that?! Why did you mock me one after another?" Rain felt sad and dejected at this moment and thought to himself, 'Why is it always me who's being bullied?'

"The evil will be defeated even when good men don't do anything." Tom couldn't help but put Rain down. Everybody laughed at his words, which made Rain feel even worse about himself.

"I'm back. Gerard, come in!" The door opened and Leena came in with cheeks all flushed. Kevin wondered whether it was because of the cold weather or shyness, though the second was nearly impossible.

"So you went out to pick him up?" Duke snorted and looked at Kevin, wondering what he would do. After all, Gerard was one of Leena's admirers.

"Yes! Duke, you two have met before, in France. Don't you remember?" Leena asked with a sweet smile and looked at her brother with her big, bright eyes.

"Yeah, we've met before, but I was not very impressed with him." Duke would never pay any attention to those he was not interested in. As Leena's brother, he didn't like her admirers and he disliked Gerard by default. They had just met once, and even so, Duke believed that they wouldn't be friends.

"Unless my memory is lying, this young man must be from Blanc family who owns Blanc Group. Am I right?" Edward asked with a smile. Though he had recognized Gerard, he didn't get up to greet him. After all, he was the head here. No m

and blushed like a little girl. She could feel that all the people were fixing their eyes upon them.

Kevin wasn't worried about what they would think. He had tunnel vision for Leena. The man stared at his wife affectionately as if there were nobody else in the world. Gerard smiled warmly, although he felt like he was the third wheel.

"I guess I have to prescribe some Chinese herbs for Leena to improve her health," Tom mumbled to himself, but everyone in the room heard what he said, especially Leena. She shivered at Tom's words and her bright eyes widened, full of fear.

"I agree with you. Please do it as soon as possible!" Duke gave great importance to anything related to his sister. He immediately urged Tom to prescribe the herbs for her. It was the most important thing for him that she stayed healthy, and this was the only thing that mattered.

"Guys, take a seat, please. Since everyone is here, shall we start eating? We can discuss this issue after dinner," Edward suggested. 'It's getting late and Justin must be hungry now!' Edward thought. Justin was a growing child and needed more food and better nutrition than adults.

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