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   Chapter 1193 Getting Together (Part Three)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 8705

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"Come on, it's warmer inside," Kevin urged gently. Seeing Leena trembling, he really wanted to hold her and warm her up. But since Daisy had an arm around her, it was impossible for him to get between them. So he could only look at Leena worriedly.

Mr. Mu was not used to waiting. As a matter of fact, he loathed it. But this became a thing of the past. Ever since he found Daisy, he waited for her. A lot. He'd gotten used to waiting for her, so he didn't get upset when she walked in. Nor was he surprised.

When Daisy and the other three entered the VIP room, everyone else was already there, including the cute and cool kid, Justin. It had been quite a while since Kevin saw him last. Unsurprisingly, he was a lot taller than before.

"Do you still like me, Uncle Kevin? How come I don't see you anymore?" As soon as Justin saw Kevin, he threw himself into the major general's arms, neglecting his own mother. Little kids were like that sometimes. They'd lived in the same military dorm for years, and Kevin was always available as a playmate. They were still very attached to each other, and absence had only deepened their bond.

Kevin stood back and took a look at the kid, as if he was trying to get a better view of someone quite tall. "Hey kiddo! Ya miss me?" Kevin asked, kneeling beside Justin and gently putting his hand on his shoulder. Justin was only six, but because his parents were both tall, he was much taller than most children his age. Kevin guessed that he must be over 4-and-a-half-feet now. He'd grown a lot in a short period of time. In fact, he might eventually grow up to be taller than Edward.

"Of course, I miss you every day!" answered Justin lovingly, nestling himself in Kevin's arms. Kevin liked the feeling. He'd thought about kids every once in awhile, because these kinds of scenes warmed his heart.

As for Claire, this was not her environment. While she liked parties, she didn't know anyone here. What was more, Rain was here. That man captured her attention and got her heart racing, but he didn't even know she existed. He casually glanced in her direction, then looked away again. Claire felt rather shy and awkward after that.

"Claire, come and sit down. Gerard will be here soon, I need to go out and meet him," Leena said, motioning for Claire to sit next to Belinda. She knew Claire had a crush on Rain, and she saw the poor girl looking very lost and uncomfortable. Maybe if she sat next to someone she'd already met, she'd open up and relax. This was supposed to be fun.

"I'll go with you," Kevin said quickly. He let go of Justin and stoo

ore he could do anything. She was always like that. She could dish it out, but not take it well.

But Duke didn't buy it. He kept looking Belinda in the eye, a wicked smile spreading across his face. 'Too late, it's no use trying to please me now, ' he thought. 'You'll find out tonight. I'm gonna teach you a hard lesson. Let's see you mess with me again.' Fortunately, his terrible plan fell through, because of some event well beyond his control. But this was even better than doling out punishment, something that would make him feel beside himself with joy.

"Come on, that all you got? I thought you could beard the lion in his den. You're such a wuss," Rain said scornfully. He was enjoying the show, despite his panic at Duke's anger. She was getting the best of Duke, and he always enjoyed watching that. He was hoping that maybe she'd take it further.

"Shut up, Rain. Dude, can't you see how pissed he is? Remember, you're sitting right next to him," Edward said in a low voice, mouth curled into a sneer. He had been sitting back and enjoying the show himself, but Rain's bluntness came at the worst time. Rain was a good friend, but sometimes he needed a little prodding to get back on track. He needed to stop playing with fire, lest he got burned.

"Yeah. Have a bit of a brain fart, dude? That would explain a lot," Tom said in a voice dripping with sarcasm, a flicker of amusement in his eyes. He couldn't resist getting his two cents in. Duke was dangerous to mess with, but Rain was an easy target.

"Hey, back off, dude! Don't judge me, you quack!" Rain fired back. But he rubbed his nose out of embarrassment. He finally realized that, yeah, it was a dumb idea to insert himself in this lovers' quarrel.

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