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   Chapter 1191 Getting Together (Part One)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 5593

Updated: 2019-02-25 01:12

"Of course. We both signed the marriage license and made it official. It's all there and black and white. Little late to deny it now!" Kevin said in a joking tone. Leena was getting serious, and he didn't like it much. So he cracked a joke and tried to lighten the mood.

"Well… that's not what I mean," Leena replied, feeling a bit embarrassed by Kevin's teasing. "Let's just drop it for now," she continued. "We can talk after you get back. Could you get off early today?" Leena finally brought it up. That question was burning in her brain, but she didn't want to call and interrupt him in the middle of training. Now that he called her, she seized the chance and asked him.

"Hold on. Let me check my schedule and see if there's anything I can put off," Kevin answered, leafing through the calendar on his desk. Lee had assembled it, and put it there.

"Here's the thing. Edward suggested that we get together tonight. Daisy hasn't told you?" Leena said, confused. It had been some time since she and Edward discussed it in the CEO's office. Someone should have told Kevin by now.

"I just finished training for the day, and haven't seen her so far," Kevin said. He kept thumbing through his calendar till he finally found the current day. He then stopped and leaned forward, examining every line to make sure he wasn't missing a thing.

"Oh, no wonder you haven't heard anything about it," said Leena, a light bulb turning on in her brain. She suddenly realized that she missed an important point. Both he and Daisy were busy bees. Did they really have much time to socialize on base? It might be unrealistic to think that they could talk to each other at an

k you to come back early, I was only asking whether you could make it or not. One is a command, the other is a question," Leena argued with a grimace, thinking that Kevin had misunderstood her yet again.

"But it makes no difference to me. See, when my wife wants something done, I do it. A command given by my wife is even more important than in the military," Kevin said. Leena watched him take off his coat, toss it onto a nearby stool, and start to unbutton his shirt. As he did this, he moved closer and closer to Leena, who became increasingly alarmed. She shuddered? What was he going to do?

"What…what are you doing?" Leena asked nervously, retreating a couple more steps. With every move he made, a look of panic and horror marred her normally cute face.

"I'm going to take a bath, of course. "They really put us through the wringer today. I'm all hot and sweaty. I'm not going out like this. What? Do you shower in your clothes?" Kevin replied, raising his eyebrows curiously. He knew what she was thinking, but he still thought it was funny to tease her. This was the most fun he'd had all day.

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