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   Chapter 1190 Do Unto Others (Part Three)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 6053

Updated: 2019-02-25 00:26

"Are you saying you've done all those things just because you wanted me to improve myself?" Hank grunted. He was wondering about that. He had to do things again and again, until the superior officer thought things were perfect. He thought it was just because of his reputation, but now he knew Kevin had something to do with it.

"I demanded the best out of you so you could learn and grow. So you could show the base what you were made of. Rather than throw punches at Daisy, you'd grow the hell up and take charge of your career." Kevin could do nothing more to help him. Hank had to hold his own against all the ill will he'd earned. But Kevin did give him the chance to redeem himself, and really believed he could do the job.

"I really appreciate you and Daisy recommending me. I know we aren't exactly friends." Hank wasn't young anymore. If he started again from scratch, he would never attain a decent rank again. However, with Kevin's help, he was offered a huge opportunity to turn the tables.

"Everyone makes mistakes. It's water under the bridge. Just learn from your mistakes, and you'll be okay." Kevin sighed deeply at the thought. People never learned without consequences. If Hank had just done what he was supposed to, he'd be in a much better position.

"Yeah, no kidding. I don't feel good about what I did. But I understand how important this chance is. If you send me on this mission, I won't fail you," said Hank, righteously and confidently. The incident last time taught him to be humble and careful. He ditched his conceit and arrogance. And now was his time to prove who he was.

"As I said, no one's perfect. However, we learn and do the right thing. Just do your best." Kevin glanced at him reflectively. Since the army was known for competence, he wouldn't stand out unless

Is this because of the other phone call?" Nervous and worried as he was, he really cared about Leena's feelings.

"No, no... Nothing like that. I'm distracted, that's all. Besides, I'm an elegant lady. I'd never stay mad too long." Leena burst into laughter. She lied, because she did care about Kevin's tone of voice over the phone. She'd be lying if she said she didn't. But she wouldn't worry about it. She felt depressed because of her fight with Louisa. Some mean things were said, and she wasn't sure if she could forget that soon.

"I'm sorry if I was too gruff on the phone. I was just distracted, too, being at work. I hope you're not mad." This might be the first time that Kevin was worried about how Leena might take things the wrong way. So, he tried to explain himself to her sincerely and fully. He wanted to feel good, not depressed.

"Kevin, do you think of me as your wife?" She cut straight to the heart of the matter. She felt like a glacier was standing between them, stopping them from loving each other. She could feel this mountain of ice every time she thought of him, whenever she tried to hug him. She really wanted to melt this ice so their hearts would be warm once more.

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