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   Chapter 1189 Do Unto Others (Part Two)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 5659

Updated: 2019-02-25 00:16

"No way! Tomorrow's Saturday. Can we start later? My legs have got tired after walking for a few hours." Claire was beginning to regret agreeing to Louisa's offer. She was in really low spirits.

"There's only a few days left. So brush up on your technique so you don't embarrass yourself that day." Feeling trapped, Louisa had to turn to Claire for the modeling gig.

"We've got at least a week, right? Fine. I should go. Goodbye, Louisa." With a wave of her hand, Claire left before Louisa could even say anything. She rushed to catch up with Leena, who was waiting for the elevator.

Louisa gritted her teeth. She had been extremely furious with Claire recently. She couldn't even curse around her now. She swore that she'd teach Claire a lesson as soon as the contest ended.

Leena slowed down and waited, so Claire could easily catch up with her before Leena entered the elevator. Although Claire found herself panting for breath, at least she didn't have to wait for the next elevator.

"Come on in." Leena was about to push the button to close the door. But she saw Claire rushing to her, and hurried to prevent the door from shutting. Claire knew she had to explain what was going on.

"Leena, don't take Louisa too seriously. I think she's hurt and lashing out. It hurts to lose the one you love so much." Claire then bit her lips and looked up at Leena anxiously.

"I'm good. Her bark is worse than her bite. I'll leave her alone," said Leena. She didn't count on Claire to help her. However, she did hope that Claire wouldn't join Louisa to attack her. She didn't need that right now, with the fashion show and everything else.

"Probably a good idea. The less you two s

grade. So Hank wondered why he was helping him out now.

"Well, that's all you, Hank. Trust me, if you hadn't earned this, you wouldn't be getting it. You didn't even grumble much when I punished you. At least, not within earshot." Kevin smiled. At first, he was doing this for Daisy's sake. However, as time went on, he found that Hank was really a capable soldier. From then on, Kevin came down on him hard, insisting he complete his missions perfectly. He figured that was the way to get Hank to care about what he was doing.

"Yeah, I know you're doing this for me. I shouldn't complain," said Hank in a state of panic. He had learned his lesson and kept a low profile for a long time. However, his rep was shot, and people still talked about it in whispers. So he figured that very few people in the army thought much of him, or trusted him to do anything.

"I get it if you hate me, but frankly, I don't care, as long as you have learned something from what I did to you," said Kevin peacefully. And he really didn't care about what everyone thought of him. The only thing that mattered was doing the right thing.

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