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   Chapter 1188 Do Unto Others (Part One)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 5456

Updated: 2019-02-24 05:17

"Miss Ye, come on. We aren't friends yet. Why do I need to do this?" Leena finally looked up at her, and gave a snort of contempt.

"Really? Why aren't we friends? Leena, are you trying to hide from me? As for why you're doing this, I think we both know." Louisa opened the car door and got out. One hand resting on the roof, she glowered at Leena. It was a clear challenge. Everyone said Leena was from a rich and powerful family. Louisa desperately wanted to find out what her bottom line was.

"Hiding? Louisa, do you think you're too ugly to look at? That's the only reason I'd hide. You shouldn't be so hard on yourself." Leena went on the attack now. And with good reason. Louisa had come to her place and insulted her. It was payback time.

"You... Humph! You're one to talk," Louisa retorted. "You're such a slut, you had to sleep with Kevin to get him to marry you." Louisa was embarrassed by Leena's retort. She gnashed her teeth in anger, but she decided to fight back. What else could she do? She was beside herself with rage. But Leena wasn't done.

"Haha! Louisa, you have no idea what a real slut is like! No man would want you even if you threw yourself at him!" She had to be tough and mean. Leena wasn't trying to hurt her, but she was fed up. Louisa was a constant thorn in her side, and it was time to remove it.

"You bitch! What are you talking about? Say that again! I dare you!" Louisa quickly moved around the car and stood in front of Leena. Her eyes blazed with fury, her hands were balled into fists.

"Watch your mouth, if you don't want to get clocked!" Leena shouted. Leena tilted her chin. If

the whites of her eyes. She disliked her so much she wouldn't even look at her.

"Shut up, both of you. How about this? Louisa, I think you need to go home. Leena and I are going inside." This was so awkward. Both of them were behaving badly, so Claire felt bad. Hurting those two was the last thing she wanted to do.

"Claire, I'm going upstairs. See you there." Leena was tired of fighting with the girl. She cast one last contemptuous glance at Louisa, tilted her chin proudly, and left. Her day had been entirely ruined by this horrible woman.

"Louisa, I'm wiped out, so I'm going to turn in early. Have a safe drive home. Good night." Claire felt harassed and strained. Right now she wanted nothing more than a hot bath and a good rest.

"Good night. Don't forget rehearsal tomorrow." Regardless of what she wanted, she was looking forward to the fashion show. If she participated, she'd be more likely to be discovered by an agent. The agent would then find places for her to work, and she might even find a mentor. This would be the turning point in her modeling career.

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