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   Chapter 1186 He Is Your Husband (Part Three)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 5487

Updated: 2019-02-24 05:15

"Yeah? Really? Then let me ask you, why are you calling me now, Mr. Mu?" On the other hand, Daisy already knew him so well and had seen right through him. She didn't even have any issues with Edward being as stubborn, so she just let him enjoy it. Who said that only women needed to be spoiled in the first place? Sometimes, men needed some way to boost their egos too. Thus, she chose to spoil the mighty Mr. Mu today.

"I just want to tell you that we will be having dinner with Leena and some other friends. We haven't spent time together for a long time. So if you are not busy, come home early. By the way, tell Kevin about it too." Edward slightly raised his eyebrows. He delivered his line in such a cold and indifferent tone as if was still very mad with his wife.

"Okay, I see. Just text me the address of the restaurant once you have decided where we will be eating," replied Daisy in an equally indifferent tone. Well, in fact, it was not just Edward who knew how to play this game of bluff. She couldn't even help but secretly smile fondly at his behavior. How could he still be this childish before her after all this time?

"That's all you want to say!" Edward's tone came out sounding a little bit more shocked than what he had intended. Shouldn't it be the time for her to say something sweet and nice to him? Shouldn't she be pacifying him by now? It would only be after she yielded at him that they could make up with each other.

"Yeah, that's all. What do you expect me to say?" Now that made Daisy smirk wider. She knew what Edward wanted and what he was insinuating. It was just that she wasn't in the mood to sati

already foreseen that he would react this way.

"Fine! We'll decide what happens to you later. Do you really think that I can't do anything about this?" Edward sniggered as some private thoughts came into his mind.

Hearing him made Daisy shudder out of control. She wondered about what Edward was implying and she was suddenly a bit nervous about it. If her guess was indeed right, then she might not be able to leave their bed for a few days!

"Edward, how's Daisy? Is she free tonight?" Leena approached Edward fast as soon as he hanged the phone up. It was out of respect that she didn't eavesdrop on their call.

"Yeah! She will be coming with us but she might be a little late." A broad smile cracked on Edward's lips as he talked. Daisy already yielded by saying that she really missed him and that was all he wanted. He was really easy to please. He didn't even need Daisy to do big gestures or say something more flattering. A sincere confession was enough for him to be happy. Daisy was his everything after all. Her love and care would always be more than enough for Edward.

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