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   Chapter 1183 Are You Happy (Part Four)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 5450

Updated: 2019-02-24 00:26

"I am not tricking you, alright? I am just being polite, like always. It is important to have good manners. Therefore, I knock twice before walking in." Leena's big eyes were sparkling with mischief. She was now lying to Edward's face boldly. Under no circumstance would she admit to his accusation.

"Cut the crap! I can easily recognize all your little tricks! You never knock on my door." Edward shook his head and laughed. He knew Leena well enough to tell her bullshit. She was just like Rain, restless and full of surprises. They were like two spoiled kids who tended to act on their own wills. Whenever they came to his office, they walked in straight without knocking at all. 'Manners? Unheard of with these two.' thought Edward with a big grin on his face. He looked at Leena's naughty face and again shook his head helplessly. 'She must have heard about my bad mood from Anna earlier. She must have teased me, in order to cheer me up a little bit.' Edward sighed silently as he came to the conclusion.

"Whatever you say! I am now more sensitive about manners. I am aware of them because I have matured!" Leena caught his arms and said softly. She smiled at him, knowing that he would never shout at her or get mad at her. Edward always had a good temper whenever he was with her.

"So, according to you, you have matured? Oh really? May I ask, is getting married secretly a mature behavior?" Edward tapped on her forehead softly and snapped. Judging from his tone, Leena could tell that he was just as annoyed as Duke when it came to her secret marriage with Kevin. The topic was sort of taboo for everyone who cared f

me. How did you drop your phone?" Edward chose to bury the truth deep in his heart. He didn't wish to tell her the real cause of his anger at all. It was through Daisy that he heard about what happened to Leena last night. He was upset that she didn't contact him in time when she was in trouble. Was it just him who thought that they were close and wished that they were closer. She shouldn't have kept things away from him.

"Well, it was an accident. I didn't hold it tight enough. It fell from my hand!" Leena looked away as she made a lame excuse to cover up the facts. She didn't dare to tell him what happened last night. She knew what Edward was capable of. He was a man of iron will. Things would lead to bigger troubles if she told him about the incident. Thus, she would rather keep him in the darkness. It was a lot better this way than to see him seek revenge for her. Edward would do anything to get even, no matter who he was fighting against. Leena didn't wish to get him involved at all. Therefore, she even went all out and stopped Tom from telling him the incident.

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