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   Chapter 1182 Are You Happy (Part Three)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 5872

Updated: 2019-02-24 00:16

"It is my pleasure to see you here." Anna leaped with joy as soon as she saw Leena stepped in. She extended her arms and greeted her warmly.

"The pleasure is all mine! I heard the good news about your new relationship. Congratulations to you!" Leena smiled warmly and said. Actually, she was quite surprised to know about her new date. It never occurred to her that Anna would date that guy.

"Thank you very much, Leena. Actually, I need some help right now. Would you mind coming in first, please? I badly need help in calming down the president. He is really in a foul mood today and he has scolded several senior managers. It is getting tough here." Anna knew how fond of Leena her boss was and she sincerely wished for her arrival to calm him down. Seeing Leena coming in earlier, flooded her both in so much hope and relief.

"What happened? How come? Was Daisy giving him a hard time again?" Leena's eyebrows slightly furrowed. In her mind, the only person who could possibly cross Mr. Mu was his dear wife, Daisy.

"I am not quite sure about that. He has been in a bad mood since this morning. I don't know what is really going on with him." Anna could not draw a conclusion as she had no idea about the exact cause of Edward being mad. It would be wrong for her to give a false guess.

"Don't worry about it! Just leave it to me." With a reassuring smile on her pretty face, Leena walked straight to the president's office.

Usually, she would walk straight into the office without knocking. She was a bold girl in front of Edward and would not really care about those polite manners. However, today was a bit different. She raised her hand and earnestly knocked on the closed door. With her lips curled up, Leena thought of a great idea.

't help but worry if her pretty nose was still firm! She was quite proud of her nose to start with.

"Let me see. It seems alright. If it is actually broken, however, I think we should put a piggie bone there instead. What do you think?" Edward sniggered. He fondly moved her hand away and took another close look at her nose. He was no longer in a bad mood since Leena's arrival had lightened up his day. He was delighted to see her and her unexpected visit turned out to a big sweet surprise for him. No one could resist the charm of the adorable Leena.

"What piggie bone? Are you implying that I have a piggie nose? Edward, this is not cool. You are hurting my feelings! I am going home!" With her mouth pouting in distress, Leena stomped her feet and whirled around. However, her arm was caught by Edward. He stopped her and said with a grin,"Hold on now, We are not done yet! Why were you knocking the door without coming in just now?" Edward had to know the answer to that question. Leena was such a playful girl full of interesting ideas. He was greatly amused by her thoughts from time to time. He was wondering what kind of tricks she was pulling just now.

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