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   Chapter 1181 Are You Happy (Part Two)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 5540

Updated: 2019-02-23 09:20

"Of course I deserve anything you'll find in the capital city! It is a reward to keep my mouth shut! Aren't you concerned that I might go there and warn him first since you are saying that you're going to dig his details? Anyway, don't flatter yourself. You won't even come closer to him. You will be surrounded by a platoon of soldiers even before you get a chance." It seemed that they were having a casual chat. But in reality, Leena said those words to hint that her husband had a military background. This was their unique way of communicating. They had been friends for years. Sometimes, they could even read each other's mind through gestures. Leena was being honest with Patricia. She was her close friend and there was no need to hide her husband's identity from her.

"So what is his name? You could not possibly still keep it as a secret!" Patricia was slightly shocked to find out that Leena's husband was from the military. Now she was really eager to know about his name!

"Kevin Gu. I will introduce you to him properly when I get a chance." Leena knew her husband well. He would feel offended if she kept him from all her friends. It was quite important for him to get to know her social circle. She should at least introduce him to her friends as he wished. It was nice of him to try to get involved as much as possible in her life. She felt flattered by the thought.

"Excellent! I have never met a real Major General in my life before! I hope he is a good-looking man! You know me, I only talk to handsome men. If your husband is not up to my standard then don't expect me to be friendly to him." Patricia gave Leena a profound look. She

lightly stirred the coffee in her mug. She was always serious when it came to her husband. The topic apparently meant a lot in her heart. Even the tone of her voice changed, she was no longer playful.

"Are you happy?" Patricia sensed the seriousness of Leena's tone and gazed at her warmly. She wanted to make sure that her friend was living her dream life.

"I am very happy." Leena gave her an assuring look. Her smile was genuine and it instantly made Patricia understand her. She felt truly happy for her.

"My blessings to you, girl!" Patricia extended her hand and gave Leena a splendid smile.

"Thanks, hun." With these words, Leena caught Patricia's hand and held it tightly. She felt greatly blessed to have a friend like Patricia. They didn't even need many words, just a mere look, and the lady could magically fill her heart with warmth.

Leena drove directly to FX International Group after bidding goodbye to Patricia. She thought that it would be nice to visit Mr. Mu as it was still early. She remembered what Daisy had told her before and that urged her to see him in person.

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