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   Chapter 1180 Are You Happy (Part One)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 4993

Updated: 2019-02-23 09:04

"Patricia, keep it down, please! You are drawing attention to us now!" Leena felt embarrassed and uncomfortable about the silent gazes they were getting. She turned to Patricia and signaled the lady to calm down.

"Who cares! I'm not in the wrong here. Why should I care about others' gazes?" Patricia curled up her lips and shrugged her shoulders. She never cared about others' opinions. She was a typical girl who only lived in her own world. What others thought about her was none of her business. She only did what would make herself happy.

"But you are making me embarrassed here!" Leena sighed and wiped away the beads of sweat from her forehead. She was slightly distressed that previous request didn't work. Honestly, Patricia with her wild behaviors was really getting on her nerves now.

"Don't be ridiculous. You are the one who secretly got married without telling us. How could you have the nerves to say you are embarrassed?" Patricia gave her a cold look and snapped. She was still pretty mad at Leena for not telling her about the marriage.

"Please, for God's sake! Just keep it down! You are really drawing all the attention to us here! People will start thinking that I am a bad girl!" Leena's face turned dark. She rolled her eyes in distress and thought to herself, 'Pat, I only kept it as a secret for your own good! I just didn't want you to feel bad about me. Now you think that I am deliberately lying to you about it. You know what, it really hurts me to hear you

now. She meant business when she talked about checking on Leena's husband.

"His family is in the capital city and it is quite cold out there. If you tolerate the low temperature, you are more than welcome to check his family out! But I need to say, if you come across something good out there, don't forget to share it with me." Leena rolled her eyes and grinned. Patricia was being ridiculous because there was no way that she could carry out a background check on Kevin. Patricia might be good at fighting but she was not Kevin's match at all. Leena thought about the time when she was held hostage and how Kevin saved her. That memory made her smile happily. Her Kevin was the biggest hero on earth and no one could defeat him.

"Why should I share anything with you? Are you in the right here or should I reward your lying?" Patricia raised her eyebrows and teased Leena. She enjoyed making fun of her from time to time. She felt greatly amused when Leena blushed and pouted her mouth.

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