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   Chapter 1175 Louisa Lost Her Composure (Part Two)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 5372

Updated: 2019-02-23 00:16

"This is not a time to celebrate. I'm not sure that your friend would find me suitable for this job." Seeing Louisa happy, Claire found that she too was delighted. However, she couldn't help but remind her not to get carried away.

"Trust me! She has no choice. You're her last hope," Louisa said as she started the engine. She was thrilled to get this opportunity. She was tired of her father nagging her to find a job. If Louisa finished this task successfully, she could start her career in the fashion business at once.

"I hope so! But I have to call Leena first. She hasn't woken up when I came out. She would worry when she doesn't find me in the house." Claire took out her cell phone and dialed Leena's number, but the automated voice told her that Leena's phone was turned off. She suddenly remembered that Leena's phone had been smashed by those men yesterday. She also forgot that she had promised Kevin to help Leena apply the medicine on her injured back. But she was already out now. 'What can I do?' she wondered.

"What's up? No one answered the phone?" Louisa was displeased to hear Claire talk about Leena so intimately. But she was asking Claire for a favor. Even if she was annoyed, she couldn't show it.

"No, I forgot that her cellphone has been smashed. I will wait for her to call me back." Claire put her cellphone aside. Suddenly feeling like she shouldn't let this matter go, she picked up the phone and dialed again.

"Hi, Claire. What's up?" Kevin was examining the army tanks with the other officers. When he heard his phone ring, he walked away to pick up the call.

ch family. She doesn't have to work her way up through marriage." Claire felt flustered when she remembered that she often poked fun at Leena and mocked her background. But Leena's family background was way better than hers. Her family was richer and more powerful.

"What? She's rich? Claire, don't fool around with me. You must have been tricked by her. You're too simple and naive and she took advantage of this. She has a lot of tricks up her sleeve." Louisa felt amused to hear that Leena was from a rich family. She would never believe that. Since the first time Louisa had seen her, she took it for granted that Leena was a woman of humble origins.

"I'm not joking. I went to her family's house yesterday. Do you know about Leng Group? It's her family's business. Moreover, her sister-in-law is the CEO of YS Group. You can imagine how rich her family is." Claire had been dumbstruck when she got to know all of this yesterday. She had remained silent in the car when they left for home. She had still been lost in her thoughts when Leena was hit by the men.

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