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   Chapter 1174 Louisa Lost Her Composure (Part One)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 5126

Updated: 2019-02-22 06:22

"Okay. All right, it's all my fault," Kevin said as he took the chance and slowly circled his arms around her. A smug smile spread across his face as she settled in. It seemed that his little trick had worked.

"Of course it's all your fault." As a couple, they had done the intimate things that couples did, but Leena still felt very shy. She buried her head in his arms and avoided meeting his eyes.

"Okay, I admit it. So how do you want to punish me?" Kevin's mouth twitched. He enjoyed her endearing act.

"How would I punish you? I can't defeat you in a hand-to-hand fighting; you're a soldier. Are you intentionally saying this to embarrass me?" Leena pouted. She would not do anything that would bring humiliation to herself.

"Come on, beat me as you like. I guarantee that I won't hit you back." Kevin found that he quite enjoyed arguing with her. It was an intriguing thing. He hadn't experienced this before with anyone else.

"No, you are tough and you have muscles. My hands might hurt if I hit you." They had been spending a lot of time together recently, so Leena wasn't as reserved as she used to be with him. She was becoming more like herself around him.

"Oh, then we have no other choice." Kevin laughed helplessly and planted a gentle kiss on her hair. He gazed at her, his eyes brimming with affection.

Whispers between lovers were the most beautiful melodies in this world. The couple grew closer to each other in the intimate atmosphere.

The next morning, Claire was woken up by an early call f

m that you are having fun with me. That would be perfect!" Louisa continued to persuade her. The contest was approaching and it was tough to find girls with beauty and a good figure. She had no choice but to ask Claire. She wouldn't have been lucky to get this opportunity if it was not so urgent.

"Okay. But if I screw it up, don't blame me. I know nothing about fashion shows." Claire frowned. She had watched many runway shows, but she knew it wasn't as easy as it seemed. She was justified in her concerns.

"Don't worry, that won't happen. So are you in? If yes, we should go to the rehearsals now." Louisa was ecstatic that she had managed to bring Claire on board.

"You pushed me so hard, what else could I say except for yes?" Claire heaved a long sigh. She decided to throw caution to the wind.

"Claire, I'm so glad. I love you so much!" In her excitement, Louisa grabbed Claire by her arms and planted a wet kiss on her cheek. She wasn't bothered that she had kissed away the makeup on Claire's face.

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