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   Chapter 1173 You Are Kidding Me Again (Part Four)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 6437

Updated: 2019-02-22 06:22

"Ummm. I know. Good night, Kevin!" Claire waved back and sweetly smiled at him.

"Good night!" Kevin waved at her one last time as he walked upstairs. He got the silhouette of a perfect man, slender and strong. He was the epitome of the word hunk.

Back to the room, Leena was lying on the bed when Kevin came in. She was indulging in the latest fashion news with her laptop open before her. She didn't even notice Kevin approaching.

"What are you browsing about? Why aren't you sleeping? It's late." Kevin threw a suspicious glare at her computer as he sat on the bed. Nonetheless, he didn't peep at her monitor.

"Oh, yes! What time is it? I just checked on some news on the internet, nothing much. By the way, did you just come from downstairs? Is Claire sleeping?" Leena closed her laptop. It was fortunate that she wasn't chatting with Patricia just now. Otherwise, she could have jumped out of her skin because of his sudden appearance.

"Not yet. She is watching TV right now." Kevin lay down and saw how relaxed she was while swaying her feet.

"Really? Do I need to accompany her for a while?" Leena put her computer aside and stood next to the bed. She was a night owl herself. Thus, she didn't feel sleepy at this moment.

"Nana, shouldn't I be the one you need to accompany at this hour?" In the past, Kevin didn't really care about whom Leena would want to be with. However, he couldn't help himself from thinking about everything associated with Leena now. His realization about his feelings made him into a whole new man. It wasn't even hard to tell how jealous he was. He was almost like Edward though he hadn't noticed it yet.

"But you want to go to bed now, right?" Leena looked at him hesitantly. Why would she need to accompany him if he was about to sleep?

"Then sleep with me." Kevin answered in a calm tone. It was obvious how his face turned indifferent when he mentioned the word 'slee

her and moved fiercely.

"Nana, are you sure you don't want to try? Seriously?" Although Kevin was teasing her, he was also careful as he was afraid that she might accidentally roll out of the bed. He got no plan of aggravating her injury. That wouldn't be nice! Thus, when he noticed her moving away again, he immediately reached out and grabbed her hands just in time for her not to fall out of the bed's edge.

"Thank you very much!" Leena was scared for a second. Good Lord! She almost fell out of their bed. It was lucky that her shock didn't last that long.

"You're welcome!" Kevin laughed as if it wasn't his fault that she almost fell off.

"No! You're kidding me again!" pouted Leena as she threw her dagger stares. How could he act so carelessly like it wasn't him who made her move to the edge! On the other hand, what happened to her? Why did she thank him just now!

"Am I? You're definitely wrong." Kevin played innocent about what Leena meant. He even gave her an offended look as if it was her who wronged him.

"Yes, you are. If you hadn't moved closer and closer then I wouldn't have moved back! Plus, if I had not moved back then how else could I fall down!" Leena bombarded him with angry questions as she kept poking her finger on his muscled chest.

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