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   Chapter 1172 You Are Kidding Me Again (Part Three)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 6912

Updated: 2019-02-22 03:34

"You and my brothers are totally different. How would I compare you to them? Let me ask the same thing, who is more important to you, Claire or me?" Leena asked him back and rolled her eyes. It seemed that Kevin was a little strange tonight and she couldn't understand why. He wasn't the type to change the topic out of nowhere. He was talking about Louisa and then went jumping to her brothers. What on earth did he want to do? Leena was certainly clueless about his behaviors and didn't even think of linking his acts to jealousy.

"Those two relationships are defined differently!" Kevin frowned. Only then did he realize how narrow-minded he seemed to ask such a stupid question. How did he even come up with that super-nonsense question?

"There's nothing different. All of those people you were mentioning are family members. You should understand that. Do you need me to explain things again?" With a sigh, Leena lowered her voice and tried to cool her head off. Kevin used to be so calm. Why was he suddenly acting like a kid right now?

"Forget about it. Just pretend that I never asked you about it." That was it. Kevin made an about-face and walked out of the bathroom. He was instantly embarrassed after hearing Leena nagged at him for the first time. He was just a step away from the door when Leena suddenly stepped ahead of him and blocked his way.

"No. I think I got it!" She exclaimed as a word sudden flashed in her head. 'Jealous! God, yes! Jealous!' she almost screamed. "Kevin, are you jealous?" A smile as bright as the sun suddenly rose on Leena's face. Even her eyes were smiling as she looked up at Kevin teasingly. The happiness that was flooding her was immeasurable after finally figuring out what was wrong with Kevin.

"Me? Jealous? Says who? Why should I be jealous?" Kevin looked up at the ceiling and deliberately avoided her grinning face.

"Good question! Why are you jealous? Hold on, let me think about the answer for a while. Oh, yeah! I know now." Leena looked up at him and tried to catch his gaze. It took her a second t

in S City?" Kevin didn't really want to ask that question again. He didn't even think that Claire was serious when she said that she wanted a job. As her brother though, he was still curious about her thoughts. He might not be the type to force the information out of his sister, but God knew how important those little things were to him. Still, it would be up to her if she would share her mind with him or not. She was old enough anyway and she deserved some personal space. He was a brother and he would support Claire no matter whether she was jobless or not, good or bad.

"Job? Oh, let's talk about that later. I honestly haven't decided about that yet. I need more time to think about what career I want." If Kevin had asked her a few days earlier, then she would have answered him in an instant. However, the surprises she had these past two days had changed her thoughts. Thus, she needed to reconsider staying in S City.

"That's fine. It will always be your decision, Claire. Just let me know once you have decision. Go to bed now, Claire. I'll go upstairs too." Kevin stood up and waved at his sister. It was late and he still needed to be in the army base early tomorrow. Thus, he held back from asking more questions. Again, she was now a big girl and she was entitled to live her own life. As a brother, all he could do for her was to support her decisions.

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