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   Chapter 1171 You Are Kidding Me Again (Part Two)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 5656

Updated: 2019-02-22 03:34

One thing she didn't know was that Kevin's feelings were in chaos too. His emotions were mixed and unspeakable. His eyes were fixed on the mirror as he stood idly before the washbasin. The man in the mirror looked regretful and tired both physically and mentally. His hairs were in a mess, and his eyebrows were knitted. His usually lively eyes were filled with remorse. Even his lips were pale and slightly quivering. The man in the mirror didn't look any inch close to the brilliant and promising Major General the public knew. He couldn't even recognize himself.

In all honesty, he never expected Leena to get injured right before his eyes. The enormous remorse and sadness he was feeling were enough to choke him. He wouldn't say to her but he had been accusing and suspecting himself since it happened. Was it still valid for him to be called a soldier? He couldn't even protect his woman! How could he even protect his family and defend the country?

Kevin was again on the verge of guilt when a beautiful face suddenly appeared in the mirror. She was looking at him through his reflection. A few seconds after and a pair of slim arms embraced his strong waist. It was only upon feeling the warmth of those arms that his body relaxed and stopped trembling.

"I'm sorry, Kevin. Did I say something wrong? I didn't mean it. Please don't show me such a depressed look. It makes me sad too," whispered Leena as she tenderly leaned her face against his broad back and listened to his breaths.

"Louisa came to the army base to see me today." Kevin ignored what the woman said and chose not to answer her previous question. He didn't confirm whether he was angry or not. Rather, he calml

He was stuck! For the first time in his life, the Major General was seeing how much he cared about Leena! It was that special type of care that was engulfing him and was driving him to compare himself to her brothers. It had been a very slow process for him but he was finally there! He loved her! He loved her more than anything now! He loved her to the extent that it made him scared to think about what he would lose and gain just to be with her.

"What? What does this have to do with them?" With one of her eyebrows raised, Leena looked at him confusedly. 'Aren't we talking about Louisa? How was the topic suddenly changed?' she thought. She raised her head a little like a puzzled child without breaking her eye-contact with Kevin. She badly needed to reconfirm his question.

"Nothing." Kevin pretended to be cool and then looked around to avoid her stare. He would never tell her his real reason for asking these seemingly stupid questions no matter what Leena would ask later. But God knew how much he was dying to find out who was the most important in her heart. "I would still want to know your answer though."

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