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   Chapter 1170 You Are Kidding Me Again (Part One)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 5830

Updated: 2019-02-22 00:59

Leena had been smiling mildly since they left Tom's office. It was refreshing that Claire didn't refuse her friendly approach as before. She let Leena hold her arm without any objection. It might not be a huge change, but it was definitely a good start for their budding relationship.

"Leena, how come your friends are all so excellent?" blurted Claire all of the sudden. She just couldn't hold back the curiosity anymore. Goodness! Why were Leena's friends all elites? First, there were Edward and Rain who were both from FX International and then now, here was Tom, a freaking eligible who owned a hospital!

"Haha! Trust me, you will not find them as perfect as you think once you get to know them." Leena chuckled in delight. She grew up with these outstanding men and she sure knew all of them like the back of her hand. They might appear to be the coolest and most domineering people ever, but they were all like kind big brothers to her. She couldn't even see nor feel their differences compared to other men.

"Really? Are you kidding me?" Claire furrowed her eyebrows as she shot Leena a doubtful glare. Uncontented, she even looked straight at Leena's eyes in hope of finding the truth.

"Yes, of course, it is the truth. Why should I lie to you?" A sincere smile cracked Leena's lips and Claire ended up cutely squinting her eyes to examine her sister-in-law. 'Okay, that smile looks genuine. She couldn't be lying. Oh, her smile is almost dazzling me.' she thought.

Meanwhile, Kevin wasn't even talking as he just stayed quietly, listening to the two. Seeing that his wife and sister getting along well made him feel much more comfortable than ever.

He was in his best mood as he quickly drove his car back to the Grand Ap

ing at all.

"It's fine. It just makes sense if you want to blame me. I failed to protect you in the first place. You wouldn't be suffering this if I was there on time. I'm really sorry, Nana." He withdrew his hands from her and relaxed his breath. It was a relief that he finally finished applying the medicine to Leena as he didn't need to fray his nerves anymore. Little did Leena know how his heart hurt painfully every time she clenched her fist, trembled, and screamed. It was even worse than the physical pain he felt.

"Kevin, are you angry at me?" Feeling the regret in his words, Leena turned her head again and looked at him. She remained lying on her stomach since Kevin hadn't cued her that he was done.

"No. I'm not angry at you. I'm mad at myself," replied Kevin. "Anyway, I'm finished. You can turn around now." Without any more explanation, he pulled her pajama-top down and then turned to the bathroom to wash his hands.

Leena sat up and watched her husband disappear behind their bathroom door. She looked so confused and her mind was in turmoil. She hadn't encountered Kevin's cold side yet and she would never want to confront it.

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