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   Chapter 1167 A False Alarm (Part One)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 4880

Updated: 2019-02-21 04:31

"Okay, fine. On one condition. I get to choose the hospital." Leena studied the man's unusually grave face. She could tell he was trying to hold back his anger, but didn't know why.

"Okay, but you have to get yourself checked out." Kevin exhaled sharply and tried to cool down. He was angry, and it wasn't helping. It wasn't the time to play the blame game. He wanted to find out how badly Leena was hurt.

"Hand me your phone. I need to make a call." Leena frowned at her own phone. The thugs had broken it in the altercation. She sighed. She'd have to see what she could get off it, and then throw it away.

Kevin shot her a glance, his expression confused. He had no idea why Leena wanted his phone, but he handed it over anyway. Then he turned his eyes back to the road and started focusing on driving.

"Hello, this is Tom. Who's this?" Tom said. He was at the hospital, examining the X-ray clipped to the wall. He took a sip of his coffee after answering.

"Hi Tom. It's me, Leena. Are you at work?" Leena stuck out her tongue, making a cute face. Tom couldn't see it through the phone, but Kevin could. He saw her eyes full of mischief, and wondered what she was playing at.

"Oh hey, Leena. Anything wrong? Nothing serious, I hope." Tom set his coffee mug down and looked away from the X-ray. He wasn't familiar with the number, so he didn't know it was from Leena at first. When he figured out who it was, he put aside his work and gave her h

the phone. He cursed himself for being a fool. He forgot all about Tom, the genius of the medical world. If anyone knew how to patch Leena up, it was him.

"We're stopping? Are you hungry then?" Claire was taken aback when they stopped. She was lost in thought, and was suddenly thrust back to reality.

"No. I'm getting Tom some dinner. I won't be long." Leena smiled, grabbed her wallet, and left the car. The wind picked up, and chilled her to the bone. She shivered, and then suddenly felt a warm embrace.

"I'll go with you." Kevin gathered his wife's coat, pulling it tightly to her and fastening it. Then they walked to the restaurant, his arm around her shoulder.

She glanced at the man. He looked cool, but what he did warmed her heart. She felt that even the chilliest weather would be as warm as summer, just as long as she was with him.

They got to the hospital half an hour later. Luckily, the food was still steaming hot despite the cold weather.

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