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   Chapter 1166 Teach Them A Good Lesson (Part Four)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 5169

Updated: 2019-02-21 03:20

"Dad, look at my arm, is it really broken?" Mr. Wang's son cried with his face twisted with pain and horror.

"That would be best. Let's see whether you dare to make troubles like this in the future. Come on, do as the Major General says. You know what to expect. We will get your arm fixed first then send you to the detention center. Is that clear?" Mr. Wang spoke sharply. He didn't have the nerve to defy Kevin. If Kevin had laid the sanction unto the mayor's son, then it would be stupid to think that his own son could escape the punishment.

"Take them back to the police station and make a good record of their confessions. Then put them into the detention center according to the procedures." Mr. Yi gestured his subordinates to go. What troubled him most now was how he should tell the mayor about what had happened. It was just difficult to explain why he would get his son arrested without irritating him.

"I will take my son to the hospital first. Don't worry, I have called my men to clean up the scene and they will be here soon," Mr. Wang said as he shook his head helplessly. Apart from his son, there was a high repair cost to worry about. The more expensive the car was, the higher the repair fee was for it. Good Lord! They had to pay for a Ferrari!

"Go ahead. As for the repair fee, please tell me how much it is later so that we can split the bill. After all, my son is also to blame, and I should shoulder the responsibility too." Mr. Yi suggested. He was now feeling quite embarrassed after his nervousness wore off.

y not be evident, but they could be serious. Do you think you can treat this kind of injury by applying some medicine?" Kevin said with a frown. There was a determined look on his face, which showed that his decision was not open to negotiation.

"But that's the last place I want to go! Can we go home, Kevin? I'm willing to go anywhere except the hospital," Leena begged with imploring eyes. One could tell just how frightened she became by the fear on her face.

"If so, tell me how can we make sure that you are completely unscathed, both inside and out, other than going to the hospital?" Kevin asked a bit irritably while slowing down the car. Besides worrying about Leena, he was a bit upset now. There was something that had been troubling him. The accident happened when he wasn't even driving far ahead of her. She could have telephoned him for help at once but she didn't. Why? Was it because she didn't need him at all? Did he ever have a place in her heart? He came to feel dispensable and unwanted as a husband.

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