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   Chapter 1165 Teach Them A Good Lesson (Part Three)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 5464

Updated: 2019-02-21 03:20

"That's all. We've got to go now, and I'll leave the rest to you two." Kevin ordered. He wasn't worried that they would cheat on him and send their sons back home after he left. He was confident that they would obey him since he had been talking tough.

"That's what we should do, Major General. We are so sorry to have troubled you and wasted your time," Mr. Yi said, grovelling to Kevin. He spoke in the humblest tone as he had never done before. Thus, it wasn't hard to imagine how much pent-up anger he would release after Kevin left. He couldn't go against Kevin, nor did he dare to be too critical with the mayor's son. Nonetheless, he could surely take it all out on others.

"That's very kind of you, Mr. Yi. How about this? You can report their performance to me every day during their detention. That way, I will know whether they are truly reflecting on their mistakes. Would that help relieve some of your guilt?" Playfulness was in Kevin's voice when he asked. He had already turned away but Mr. Yi's huge display of politeness had him curiously turn back. Thus, he took his time to tease them. Besides, it was a good idea to assure that they wouldn't practice favoritism as that would give him an overview of what was going on. Mr. Yi wouldn't have a choice but to do as he said. Nonetheless, Kevin would know whether they were being lenient to the young guys regardless if they planned to rebel against his command secretly anyway.

"Well... it's..." Mr. Yi became a bit hesitant. As a matter of fact, he did plan to just go through the motions. However, Kevin's words seemed to serve as a warning to him and hinted t

useless man. Rather than become a law-abiding person, he turned into a racketeer at such a young age. Could anyone believe that the chief of the Public Security Bureau's son had committed crimes? What a shame!

"Alright, alright, I will. There's no need to bite my head off." The young man then rose up with resignation while rolling his eyes. Seeing him still act like a total bum, Mr. Yi fumed with anger. So it was true when people said,"Spare the rod, spoil the child". Mr. Yi now regretted about not paying enough attention to disciplining and educating his son. It might have been his fault that the guy was going nowhere.

"Calm down, Mr. Yi. It's no use getting angry now. We'd better follow Major General's orders. We've got no other choice, you see. Besides, it's about time that these little assholes learn their lessons, lest they never mend their way," comforted Mr. Wang and sighed. It was his wife who took responsibility for their children's discipline. What an epic fail! It seemed that she had spoiled their son too much. Thus, he grew out to be rude and rebellious.

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