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   Chapter 1164 Teach Them A Good Lesson (Part Two)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 5533

Updated: 2019-02-21 02:39

"You are absolutely right. Thank you for reminding me, Major General. I will do just as you say," said Mr. Yi promptly. He read between the lines and understood what Kevin wanted. At the same time, he realized that Kevin's words had also addressed his concerns. He could now punish those guys without any fear. He shouldn't be scared of being blamed by his superiors anymore as it was Kevin, the Major General, who commanded him. That was everything that he needed to save himself. Mr. Yi was an absolutely clever and sophisticated man, he would not be in this high position otherwise.

"Great. Now, Mr. Wang, could you please take a look at the scene and see who should be responsible for this accident?" Kevin then turned to Mr. Wang and asked. He had actually seen right through Mr. Yi and knew that he wanted him to be held responsible for all the consequences arising therefrom. However, he was ready to bear those consequences since he really wanted to teach those young guys a lesson.

"It couldn't be more obvious. It was all this BMW's fault. Don't worry, Major General, we will get your Ferrari fixed as soon as possible. We guarantee your satisfaction." Mr. Wang replied with a huge smile once he was called. He was well aware of how powerful Kevin was as a Major General. Even with his prestigious family background aside, Kevin was still much more powerful than him in the hierarchy. It was given that Kevin's power was limited to the military jurisdiction and his to administrative jurisdiction. Nonetheless, it was more likely for the mayor to treat the military with humble respect if they would ever clash. Thus, it was just natural for a

disapprove the punishment after all." Kevin said as he looked at the mayor's son. Then he shook his head disappointedly and sighed. The young man came from a prominent family, he was very likely to have a promising future if he studied hard and behaved. It was a pity that he chose to violate the law. 'There must have been something wrong with how his family educated him. I would definitely break my son's leg if he acts this way, ' he thought.

This was Kevin's idea about education and parenting, and he had put it in practice in the future. That was the reason why his future son would both fear and look up to him. Nonetheless, it was also the same thing that would enable his only son to surpass his achievements at a very young age.

"I totally agree. I will absolutely explain all of this to him," said Mr. Yi as he nodded. However, he was actually moaning in his head. He did plan to explain to the mayor but he didn't have the guts to tell the whole story as exactly as it happened. He would need to choose his words very carefully later to ensure that the mayor would take things well.

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