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   Chapter 1162 Major General's Anger (Part Two)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 7063

Updated: 2019-02-21 00:26

"I am fine. How are you? Did he hit you on the back? Does it still hurt?" Kevin looked over her carefully. If they had not been in public, he would have examined her injuries at once.

"It hurts a bit. I'll just get some medicine at home. It's no big deal." Leena had just wanted to teach these boys a lesson. She didn't expect that things would get so serious. She regretted her recklessness.

"No, we'll go to the hospital. You're not a doctor, so what you say doesn't count." All Kevin cared about right now was Leena. He had no time for the injured young man. For their parents' sake, Kevin didn't punish the young men severely. He only meant to teach them a lesson.

"No. I'll just have Tom check my back tomorrow." Leena hated going to the hospital, so she shook her head, strongly opposing what Kevin said.

"I didn't want to be so serious about this, but for your own good, I think I should tell your parents." Kevin said, turning to the men. He took out his cell phone and called Mr. Yi. He and Mr. Yi were quite familiar with each other.

"Major General, please don't tell our parents. If they come to know about this, they wouldn't go easy on us." The young men cried and begged Kevin. They shuffled their feet nervously, wanting to escape.

"If you do something wrong, you must pay for it. You are not the center of the world." Kevin snapped at them, and he was still on the phone.

"Hello! Mr. Yi, this is Kevin. There is a civil dispute here. Come over and deal with it. By the way, call the director of Transportation Bureau too." Kevin gave the order without hesitation. Kevin knew that these young men not only extorted people but also beat them. It was a criminal offense. As a law enforcement officer, however, he couldn't take action himself.

"Major General, I'll be right over. I will also inform the director of Transportation?Bureau immediately." Mr. Yi replied as beads of sweat appeared on his forehead. 'I don't know what's going on with people these days. How could they mess with officers from the army base? Why do they keep picking on these big names? Some of them have an

of the car and quickly put it on. Leena felt warmer immediately. Her coat was made of velvet, so it was warmer than Kevin's thin army one.

Kevin put on the coat that she handed over without arguing. His mind lingered on her promise that she would stay with him. Warmth seeped into his heart. It seemed that the cold winter night had also grown warmer.

The young men looked at Kevin with wide eyes, startled. They hadn't been so intimated previously. Kevin looked even more majestic and dignified wearing his army coat. It made him look unapproachable. They avoided his eyes. The young man with the broken hand was especially frightened.

They wished that they could turn back time so they would not have hit Leena's car, and especially not have forced her to pay. Things would not have ended up like this in that scenario.

Mr. Yi arrived in just over ten minutes. The director of Transportation?Bureau was not far behind. As soon as they saw their sons, their faces turned red with anger.

"Major General, we're here. What is going on?" Mr. Yi asked. It was winter but there was a thin layer of sweat on his forehead. He didn't know how to react to this and gave his son a fierce look.

"You got here quite fast." Kevin had his hands in his pockets and appeared arrogant. He gazed at the officers thoughtfully. They wouldn't have been so livid if it wasn't their sons who were guilty of crime.

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