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   Chapter 1161 Major General's Anger (Part One)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 6824

Updated: 2019-02-21 00:16

"What? You want to know who they are? Aren't you afraid of me already?" The mayor's son stepped closer. He stared at Kevin with a haughty look, trying to determine if he was afraid.

"You can't run around terrorizing people, even if your father is the mayor!" Kevin frowned upon seeing that Leena was shaking. He moved to pull the car door open and get her coat, but found that Claire had already taken out his army coat and put it around Leena's shoulders.

"Leena, put this coat on, otherwise you will catch a cold." Claire had been sitting inside the car. Seeing that Leena was shivering, she took the coat that Kevin hung on the back of his seat and got outside. She was worried that Leena would catch a cold in this weather.

"Thank you, Claire." Leena tightened the coat around her, feeling warm on the outside as well as in her heart. Leena was touched by Claire's gesture, no matter why she did it. She was very easy to please.

"You... You are a Major General?" The mayor's brash son saw the dazzling epaulets on Leena's military coat and stiffened. He was, after all, the son of the mayor. He knew what the epaulets represented.

"Does that make any difference?" Kevin seemed as cold as ever. He hated these spoiled brats. They depended on their parents and made a nuisance in the city. Kevin was also the son of a high-ranking officer, but he never relied on his family name. Everything he had today was earned through his own efforts.

"There is a difference, of course. If you had told me who you were before, we would not have bothered you." The man's voice was much lower and less arrogant than before. He knew how powerful a Major General was.

"Listen, it doesn't matter that you wouldn't have bothered us. You should think about whether I'm going to spare you now. Your father is the mayor? So what? You think you can do wrong just because you are the son of a political figure?"

"Major General, I didn't know this beautiful woman was your wife. We'll cover the cost of the car repair. As for her mobile phone, w

ut that was only to frighten them into not committing the crime again. But now, knowing that they hit Leena, he immediately changed his mind.

"Uh... It was me, but I didn't mean to do it." The young man drew back as he spoke. At this moment, Kevin looked like Satan. He was so frightening that the young man was afraid to stand in front of him.

Soon, a clear snapping sound was heard, followed by a howl. Kevin had grabbed the young man's hand and broken it. He was so fast that no one saw how he approached the man.

"I'm just teaching you a lesson. Real men don't hit women. I don't care who your parents are, or how high their positions in society are. If you're not happy with what I just did, you can tell me right now," Kevin said quietly. He looked so menacing that no one dared to approach him. Even Leena was scared of him. She didn't know that a gentle man like Kevin could become so terrifying.

The young man with the broken hand kept howling, not daring to meet Kevin's eyes. He was scared out of his wits. He did not know how his hand was broken in a flash. All he heard was a clear sound, following which he felt the stark pain. It had been too late to stop the Major General.

"Kevin." Leena looked at Kevin apprehensively, fearing that this could affect his career. Bureaucracy could be complicated and unpredictable in such cases.

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