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   Chapter 1160 An Accident (Part Three)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 4847

Updated: 2019-02-20 02:59

And the situation Leena was in was getting worse. The man kept his foot on her phone. Leena couldn't get to it at all. Finally, she couldn't control her anger anymore. She aimed a kick at the man's foot. But she was so angry she didn't reckon with what they might do in return.

"Shit! Bitch! So you know some martial arts. No wonder you think you can stand up to us. We don't mind playing with you for awhile, chica!" They all fell into fighting stances, rolling up sleeves, shedding jackets. It seemed Leena was in big trouble now.

Leena did not pay any attention to what they said. When the man picked his foot up and swore, she quickly grabbed her phone. Her action left her open to a counter attack -- an elbow drop aimed at her back. It hurt so bad that she almost couldn't stand up.

"Ugh! You sure you want to fight me?" Leena said, her voice stiffened with pain. "A rich girl like me could really mess with your parents, and you still want to fight?" Leena said and tried to fight against the pain. Fortunately, they were in the outer lane now, so they weren't blocking traffic. Thank heavens for small favors.

"Our parents? Tramp, who do you think you are? You got nothing!" The men all burst out laughing, thinking that they had heard the best joke ever.

"Keep going and you'll find out!" Leena sneered. This was her city, and no one here wanted to piss off Edward. She didn't want to bring Kevin into this. So she didn't mention

lieve that he would outrank his father. There was no way this would go well for this grunt.

"So who is your father? I'd like to call him myself." Kevin smiled coldly. Was this guy's father all that powerful? Kevin also had a father who was a high official. But did he want to play his hand too early? How far were they willing to take it?

"You? Call my father? Who the hell do you think you are? My father is the mayor of this city. You sure you wanna talk to him?"

the man with yellow hair said proudly. Now Kevin knew why he was so arrogant. His daddy probably had got him out of all sorts of scrapes.

"So you're the mayor's son. How about the others? Any other high officials? I'm quaking in my boots," Kevin joked. Kevin sneered and turned his eyes to the others. Unless he guessed wrong, these people were all sons of people in power. And their family might not be low-ranking politicians. This was why they felt they could get away with anything.

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