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   Chapter 1154 Willful Mr. Cold (Part Two)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 7779

Updated: 2019-02-20 00:16

"Fuck off, Duke. Don't block my way. I need to go upstairs and get changed. Dinner is ready. I should get to the kitchen and give the maid a hand," Belinda announced. She shook off Duke's hand and ran like hell, as if she was being chased by a monster.

"Belinda, are you sure you'll actually help in the kitchen and not burn it to the ground, along with the house?" Duke said to the disappearing figure of his wife. Upon hearing these words, Belinda nearly slipped and fell from the stairs. She turned around and scowled at him after regaining her composure.

'He's saying the truth, but why can't he be polite about it?' Belinda thought to herself in anger.

Duke blinked at her and forced a smile. He didn't take the vengeful expression in Belinda's eyes seriously. After their marriage, Duke had begun to understand how to deal with Belinda. He knew how to soothe her anger and how to conquer her. He didn't think that such trivial matters could negatively influence their relationship or their marriage.

Although Kevin left work earlier than expected, he came here late. He couldn't help but feel sorry about his delay when he found the entire family at the dining table, waiting for him. He noticed Claire and frowned, wondering if she had caused trouble.

"Hi, everybody. I'm so sorry that I arrived late," Kevin apologized. He seemed intimidating and humble in his uniform, but also dignified.

"Nevermind that. Work comes first. Everybody, Kevin has come home, so we should begin the dinner," Lloyd said cheerfully. He had always liked Kevin and considered him to be the best husband for his daughter.

"Yes, we should begin. Kevin, you're family. Make yourself at home. Go wash your hands and take a seat with us." Belinda had also developed a great fondness for Kevin. She made sure that he didn't feel embarrassed in front of the entire family.

"Thank you, Belinda," Kevin said, giving her a warm smile. The hard lines on his face softened.

However, the cold and aloof Duke didn't seem to be so enthusiastic. He was indifferent. An unfathomable smile tugged on his lips as he sat at the table, deciding not to join their conversation.

"Go and wash your hands. I'll come with you," Leena said. Leena knew that Kevin rarely came to this house. He wasn't familiar with its layout. However, Kevin

"Dad, Kevin can eat the dinner by himself. Eat your own food and leave him alone." Leena took a sharp intake of breath when she saw Kevin's full bowl. She felt fortunate that it wasn't her own bowl and plate that her father piled the food onto. Otherwise, she would have gained substantial weight after this dinner.

"Don't argue, or you'd be next." Duke snickered upon seeing Kevin being treated this way. He didn't even need to do anything, somebody else was giving Kevin hell and doing Duke a favor.

"Bro, you must be so delighted right now." Leena narrowed her eyes at her brother in annoyance. She knew that when it came to revenge, he could be even more terrible than those unreasonably jealous women. Leena was agitated to see that her brother still brooded over the fact that she got married without telling him first. He could be so petty and spiteful. A long time had passed since her marriage, but her brother still held grudges.

"Hmm. What do you think?" Duke didn't bother to hide his emotions from Leena. He glanced at Kevin and wondered how he had managed to win the hearts of his sister and father, two of the most important people in his life.

"So childish. You're too old to be headstrong and willful. Shame on you!" Leena said with disdain and pursed her lips. Forcing Kevin to eat more food and add some pounds didn't feel like a punishment to him. Besides, he was a soldier and participated in military training almost every day. Being overweight was nearly impossible for him. So Duke's wishful thinking was in vain.

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