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   Chapter 1153 Willful Mr. Cold (Part One)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 7459

Updated: 2019-02-19 01:31

"Become slimmer? Let me have a look!" This was typical of Duke. He was always concerned when it came to Leena. Even small details became important to him. He clearly adored his little sister.

"Yeah! My face has become smaller." Leena pouted and sucked in her cheeks. If Duke didn't quit getting angry at her, she too would act childishly.

"Stop doing that, or your face will hurt. I forgive you this time because of the effort you just made. But today is a special case. I won't be so forgiving again." Duke reached out and flicked her nose tenderly. A wide smile spread across his face. With Leena around, he was always happy.

"Thank you, bro. I always know that you're the best brother ever." Leena stood on her toes and kissed Duke's handsome and perfectly cold face.

"Leena, is this lady one of your friends?" Belinda eyed Claire warily. She had been watching Leena and Duke, and so had ignored Claire's presence before.

"Oh! This is Kevin's sister, Claire." Leena felt a pang of guilt for not introducing Claire first.

"Kevin's sister, that's wonderful! You're welcome, Claire. Leave these two alone. They just love each other a lot. You get used to it one way or another," Belinda said amiably. She didn't sound harsh. Sometimes, she felt jealous of the affection between Leena and Duke. However, sibling affection wasn't the same as the love between a husband and his wife. Belinda didn't bother to ask Duke foolish questions, such as who would he save first if she and Leena fell into a river and both of them couldn't swim. Such questions would undoubtedly be silly and annoying to him. Also, it would only frustrate her and possibly worsen her relationship with Duke.

"Belinda, don't be silly. You're just being jealous. Right?" Leena's mouth tilted upward as she mocked Belinda's jealousy.

"Why would I be jealous? Duke is my husband and Kevin is yours. Go and find your husband. Leave Duke to me," Belinda said haughtily. She was a woman who could be provoked easily.

"Take it easy. Don't be so annoyed. I think I have the right to borrow my brother from you every now and then." Leena pressed her body closer to Duke, teasing Belinda some more. Her lips lifted into a sly smile.

"That... that

sband later at night.

"Shouldn't it be clear to you if I'm a man or not? Perhaps I love you too much, so you feel that you can provoke me and go unpunished. But you're wrong. You can't ask for my love by doing this. Love can be wild sometimes, but it's always reasonable," Duke made this statement humorlessly. He had the habit of making everything sound like it was a political report.

"All right! Duke, we're educated and civilized people. Don't treat me in this rough manner. I'm your wife, don't forget that." Belinda cursed Leena inwardly. Why should she bear the consequences of the wrongs done by Leena? Leena looked innocent, but she was far from that.

"I'm a perfect gentleman! What's all this about? I have always been civilized. I have done nothing except love and protect you, haven't I?" Duke said as he continued to glare at her. However, a hint of amusement sparkled in his eyes.

"Oh my God! This is crazy. I can't talk to a villain about what's right and wrong!" Belinda gritted her teeth. Duke's aloofness was maddening. She was so angry that she could kill him. He was a wicked man deep down, but he looked so elegant and dignified in his physical appearance. He acted as if he never said provocative and teasing words.

"Even if you're right about me being a villain, I would never touch any other women but you, my darling legitimate wife." Duke was always known for his ruthlessness, however, few people knew that he was also great at charming a woman.

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