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   Chapter 1152 A Different Leena (Part Six)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 6570

Updated: 2019-02-19 01:08

"Duke! I miss you so much too!" said Leena loudly as she completely ignored her brother's sarcastic criticism. Who cared about what he said? All that was important to her was that he was her brother and she loved him too. She hurriedly let go of Belinda and jumped to Duke's arms. She was smiling broadly as she squeezed her brother tight. There was contentment in her eyes and she couldn't be happier at that moment.

"Hum! Do you miss me? I don't think so. Would you even come home to see me tonight if I didn't give you the final order?" Duke said indifferently. He seemed to have made up his mind of staying angry with Leena for a while. He wanted to teach her a lesson.

"Fine. It's all my fault. Would you forgive me this time, brother? Just take a look at my eyes, please. Do you see how sincerely I am trying to apologize to you?" She looked up at Duke straightly and instantly had an eye to eye contact with him. She gave him a poor puppy stare and blinked a couple of times. She acted like a poor and wrongly treated girl. It was so obvious that she was acting to get her brother's sympathy but the question was, would it work on Duke?

"Haha! So that's what you're calling sincere? Who would believe you, Leena?" Belinda interrupted mockingly. She couldn't help but laugh out loud upon seeing Leena's cute face. Belinda knew that she should be helping Leena as her sister-in-law. However, she chose to peel off her disguise instead. It seemed that Leena's act was not gaining any results anyway, or maybe not for Belinda at least. Leena had made herself look cute but not pitiful. So her effort to soothe Duke was at least partly in vain and the result was not even ideal.

"Oh my God! Belinda come on! Aren't you my sister-in-law? You are supposed to help me out here. Where'd you get the heart to make things even worse for me? Which side are you on?" Leena pouted unhappily as she spoke in a resentful voice. The fact that Belinda wasn't helping her

uldn't afford for her Dad to do the same thing. It was lucky though that Lloyd regained his posture in an instant and stopped himself from laughing. Leena knew that Duke wasn't really mad at the moment. However, she was also aware that it would be impossible to soothe Mr. Cold's anger once he got serious. Leena really didn't want that.

Meanwhile, Claire was left frozen on her spot as she could only look at Leena with a blank stare. She felt like she was getting less and less familiar with her sister-in-law tonight. The Leena who was with her now wasn't the same Leena she had known. Was this the real Leena? It was only then that Claire thought of how much she never really tried to learn about Leena. Leena could act so freely and casually before her family and intimate friends, whom she loved and cared about. She could be cunning sometimes, but also smart. She was sweet but a little evil. Sometimes she was naughty and mischievous; sometimes she was simple and pure; sometimes she was sophisticated and intelligent. She could be both artful and artless. She was a contradiction, a ball where everything blended perfectly, which was impossible for anyone else to do. Nonetheless, it was this side of Leena that had confused Claire the most tonight. She would really need to contemplate about this.

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