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   Chapter 1151 A Different Leena (Part Five)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 5883

Updated: 2019-02-19 01:08

"Okay, then. But if you want anything to drink later, please feel free to ask the servants to bring it for you. Make this place your home and be free to ask for anything you want," Lloyd didn't insist on giving drinks to Claire. Instead, he turned to Leena again and looked at her beautiful face. His daughter was beautiful but there seemed to be another beauty that was overlapping with her face. Leena really looked like her mother. Yes! His precious wife whom he had been missing so much. He had traveled a lot but never once could he let go of his memories about her during his trips. There were even some days when he thought that he couldn't live without all those great memories with her. His wife was stamped in his head, in his mind, and in his heart forever. He closed his eyes for a while and then looked at Leena again. He could still remember his wife like things were just yesterday. He shook his head to clear his thoughts. What had happened to them made him believe in fate. Otherwise, she wouldn't have passed away so early and left him alone like this. He felt like an abandoned child all these years after she had left. He was always lonely. Nonetheless, it also worried him that she might be alone in heaven and he wished to see her again soon.

"Daddy, what happens? Is there anything on my face? Why are you staring at me?" asked Leena confusedly. It was just now that she noticed how Lloyd was looking at her intensely. Besides, his eyes were so profound and misted like there were some things that he wasn't telling her.

"Well, nothing! I was just thinking of how beautiful my little baby has turned out to be. No matter what happens, you'll always be the prettiest princess in the world. After all, you are my child," Lloyd smiled at

heck if there was another prominent figure coming in. She had completely left her dad upon seeing Belinda and threw herself into Belinda's arms while giggling. She ran to her so quickly and strongly that she didn't seem to worry about knocking Belinda down at all.

"Leena! You're already a married woman. How can you still behave like this? Do you know what you look like right now? You look like an uneducated little girl! I would definitely give you a hard spanking tonight if I weren't your brother. Someone needs to teach you how to behave like a fair lady." Leena heard another familiar voice which made her turn. She didn't need to guess who was coming as she knew that baritone voice like the back of her hand. Nobody else in this house could talk in such a cold and emotionless tone except for her brother, Duke! Thus, she had nicknamed him "Mr. Cold". In contradiction to Belinda's fire like energy, Duke's presence was cold enough to freeze hell. The way he lashed out upon stepping in was already a sample of how his temperament worked. Nonetheless, his eyes were filled with care and concern to his one and only precious sister while he was staring at Leena.

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