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   Chapter 1150 A Different Leena (Part Four)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 5064

Updated: 2019-02-19 01:08

"Of course I will, Daddy! I'm already here, right? Oh, I missed you so much!" Leena rushed to her dad's arms and hugged Lloyd tightly. A daughter could never grow up in her father's eyes and Leena had remained as lovely and adorable as how she had been when she was a kid. On the other hand, Claire was stunned upon seeing Leena's reaction. She had never seen her sister-in-law as cute and lively like this. Leena was different tonight and it baffled Claire.

"I miss you too, Leena! Now, let me take a closer look at my little princess. Did you take good care of yourself while I was away? Did you eat enough every day? Come closer, I need to see if you have gained weight or lost weight," Lloyd was trying his best to sound serious. Nonetheless, he just couldn't stop smiling since seeing his baby girl. He was so focused on his daughter that he didn't even notice Claire, who was still standing there.

"Of course I gained weight! Look at my face. I look much rounder than before, right?" Leena said and then puffed her cheeks playfully while blinking cutely at her dad. She tried to make her face look like a plump round apple to prove her saying of gaining weight.

"Awww... Then you must have not missed me at all! How can you eat so well if you really miss me?" Lloyd pretended to facepalm and then acted just as playful as his daughter. He found it very interesting to make fun of his daugher sometimes. They might be joking with each other but the love between the two was just impossible to hide.


re. Leena was always such a considerate person. She didn't want Claire to feel uncomfortable in this unfamiliar environment. She was the host tonight and Claire was her guest so she felt responsible to take good care of her.

"Claire, do you want something to drink? I'll ask them to bring it for you," said Lloyd. He began to make himself a qualified host of tonight's family gathering. He liked Kevin, his son-in-law a lot so he held a good opinion to Claire too. He thought that being Kevin's sister made Claire share the same virtues as her brother.

"Oh! No, thank you, Mr. Leng," replied Claire. Frankly speaking, she did feel a little uncomfortable. The overwhelming decoration of the hall was beyond she could imagine. She had thought that Kevin's apartment decoration was luxurious. It couldn't be matched to the Leng's house decoration though. Everything was aristocratic. Even the smallest ornament here was screaming luxury. This noble palace made Kevin's apartment look like a humble place.

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