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   Chapter 1149 A Different Leena (Part Three)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 4888

Updated: 2019-02-19 00:53

"Goodness! This is your home?" Claire's eyes popped out of its sockets as Leena drove them into the Leng's house. She wasn't expecting a house as grandeur and splendid as this! It wasn't only huge, it was landscaped to perfection. There were beautiful ponds and many rare flowers arranged carefully around the place. Claire was so shocked that she hadn't been able to close her mouth for a while. She had never imagined Leena to bring her into such a magnificent place. 'This is not a house! This is manor with a garden and a chateau!' she thought.

"Yeah! Do you like it?" asked Leena casually as she saw the stupefied expression on Claire's face. She shot her sister-in-law a sweet smile and then continued driving. This was her home and growing in it made her too familiar with it. Thus, she never really paid much attention to its details. The only reason why she wanted to bring Claire here was to show hospitality. She even thought that this wasn't the best season to visit their house since it would look even more beautiful during summer. The botanical gardens and ponds would look wonderful during that season since it would be the time for the flowers to bloom at their best. It might be beautiful as for now but it was nothing compared with how it would look on those summer days. Most of the flowers and grasses had withered due to winter's coldness, even the trees had lost their leaves. The place was actually dull to Leena's eyes. The winter wind ha

r her to keep this a secret any more.

On the other hand, Claire was still having a hard time digesting the truth. It wasn't easy for her to accept that Leena's family was actually wealthier than hers. She had looked down on Leena's family countless times and she felt embarrassed now. Leena had always been kind and generous to her even after her stupid acts. The realization of how bad she had behaved was like a slap on her face. She was terrible!

"Leena, my little girl! Welcome back home! Aren't you going to come home and see me at all if I didn't ask your brother to call you?" Lloyd welcomed his princess with fake anger in his words. He hadn't seen Leena for a while and he missed her a lot. It was the sound of a car pulling over that made him excitedly run out of the house. He laughed so happily upon seeing his child that his eyes narrowed. His voice sounded soft even though he intended to reprimand her. His undeniable love for her was all over his face.

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