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   Chapter 1148 A Different Leena (Part Two)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 5801

Updated: 2019-02-19 00:26

"That will be great! Would you like me to wait for you at home or would you prefer to go to the Leng's directly from the military base? If you like, we could stay at home and wait for you here," replied Leena in a more relaxed tone. Even her body felt at ease upon hearing Kevin's positive response. Who would like to hear Mr. Cold ranting about Kevin's absence in the first place? She let out a deep sigh as she leisurely lay on their queen sized bed. She enjoyed talking to Kevin this way.

"Umm. Let me see. Well, you can go to Leng's house first and just wait for me there. Then I could drive from here and directly go to your family's place. What do you think?" asked Kevin. Respect was something Leena and Kevin never lost from each other even after being married for a while. They would always consult each other's opinion before deciding anything, no matter how small or big the concern was. Thus, they felt free to express themselves. This was also the reason why they seldom fought with each other. However, Kevin hadn't noticed how Leena said "we" instead of "I" the last time she talked. Thus, he thought that it would only be Leena and him that would be there. Shoot! He completely missed the possibility that Leena might be bringing Claire to the Leng's house too!

"Okay, fine for me. I have to hang up now. See you tonight," said Leena as she jumped off the bed. She began to pack up the presents she brought from the capital city happily. The idea that Kevin would be meeting her dad with her tonight excited her beyond words.

On the other hand, Kevin smiled as he stared at his phone. He had been wondering every day about what good he had done to deserve a wife as good as Leena. She was energetic and lively. At

sing. I've eaten too much recently and now I'm getting the toll of it. I must work harder to lose what I ate. I can't afford to be a fatso. No gaining weight. No, no, and definitely a no.' She hurriedly continued with her yoga after thinking of how hideous she might look once she gained weight.

The Leng's house had been a little too quiet since Leena and Kevin got married. Duke and Belinda were both too busy with their work and there weren't many people staying in the house. There weren't many chances for them to meet up and lift the atmosphere of the house. However, today was a special day. Lloyd Leng was finally back from his long and far journeys! Everyone would come home tonight, and Leena was not an exception. She had always been their naughty princess. Everyone adored her despite her mischievous behaviors sometimes. No one would even say no to spoiling her even though she was married now. They would all gladly take care of her whenever she came back. Take note, the excitement didn't end with the family members alone. The happiness for Leena's coming back even reached up to their servants who were all busy for tonight's gathering.

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