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   Chapter 1147 A Different Leena (Part One)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 5742

Updated: 2019-02-19 00:16

Kevin began explaining about the positive changes in Hank as soon as he entered the Commander's office. Hank had improved his behavior and attitude a lot inside the military base and had been working on correcting his previous mistakes. Thus, Kevin suggested giving Hank another chance to be promoted. He believed that Hank could be a better soldier for their country. Sadly, Kevin's suggestion neither received a yes nor a no from the Commander. Instead, he told Kevin that he would need some time to consider Hank's case as Hank's record was one file of a mess.

That reply from the Commander disappointed Kevin a little. He wasn't asking the Commander to approve his suggestion immediately but then he wanted a clear answer at least. The result of his inquiry had him upset until he walked back to his office.

A few minutes after and Kevin was already spacing out as he sat on his desk. Claire's attitude towards Leena had been worrying him and he had no clue if Claire had changed her mind yet. He would feel a lot better about not being home if the two would get along. He wasn't sure if Claire would take this chance to bully Leena again since he would have to participate in the training program soon. Why couldn't Claire just be nice? Was he to expect more conflicts since he couldn't accompany them? God, they should have known that the two of them were the most important women in his life! Leena was his wife and Claire was his sister. He adored both of them a lot and hoped that they could be nice to each other even without him around.

He forced himself to focus on his work. He shook his head and tried to clear his mind from all these thoughts. He took the files from his desk and began to read them

. Therefore, he agreed to Leena without any hesitation.

"Seriously? Are you really coming home early today? You'd like to go home with me?" Leena asked in astonishment. She couldn't help but repeat her questions over and over as she never expected Kevin to say 'yes' that easily. She was excited and relieved. Kevin had been coming home a bit late for the past few days and she didn't have the confidence to just ask him to drop his job to be with her. Moreover, going to the Leng's house meant meeting Duke too.

"Sure! I'm almost done with work today. I think I'll have enough time to go home and prepare for tonight before we set off to the Leng's house," answered Kevin reassuringly. 'You've got no idea how much I love to be with you everywhere, Leena. Both as a responsible man and a... loving husband?' Kevin instantly furrowed his eyebrows with the last two words that got in his thoughts. He coughed to clear his throat and then talked to the phone again,"I'll be there." Although he still had some work to handle, it was not as important as visiting Lloyd. He could just put the files aside and go back to them tomorrow morning.

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