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   Chapter 1145 May The Better One Win (Part One)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 7616

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"It seems they can't wait to catch the show," Daisy joked as she shed her uniform. A soldier standing beside her was waiting to take it from her hand, and he treated it respectfully when he did so.

"It's educational." Kevin was just in ordinary fatigues, and rolled up his sleeves. He was ready for this.

"Come on! They're not here to learn. This is a nice break for them." Daisy raised her brows and took a cold glance at the soldiers. Everywhere her gaze settled, the noisy soldiers quieted down instantly, as if there were an on/off button to control their mouths and Daisy had just switched it off. The camp went quiet. Everyone was afraid that Daisy would punish them by putting them through additional training if they made so much as a peep.

"Then let them watch. You don't give a rat's arse what they think anyway." Kevin laughed. The soldiers were extremely quiet whenever Daisy was around, because none of them wanted to end up in one of her excruciating training programs. She was an absolute stickler for the rules. Her training programs were death-defying adventures where someone could be seriously injured if they fooled around. No one wanted to sign up for that.

"Right. Shut up and fight!" Daisy swung a blow at Kevin even before she finished her sentence, leaving him no time to prepare. He stepped back and she missed, because her blows were usually slightly slower than his. She hated to admit it, but it might be that women were slower than men. That thought burned in her mind.

The match between these two top-notch officers brought out officers and grunts alike, and they were cheering and egging them on. The speed and force of their moves impressed the soldiers. Watching two titans pummeling each other was a lot of fun to these guys. As a woman, Daisy showed them that women could be just as forceful and fast as men.

This match was really intended as a demonstration. The fight was supposed to pause every once in awhile, so they could discuss ideas and skills to bring to the soldiers' own training regimens and combat repertoires. But Daisy and Kevin were really throwing themselves into this fight, and there was no pausing, no quarter given. Of course, both contestants avoided hitting each other's vitals.

Daisy had run a lot of c

wasn't interested in other women. He couldn't remember where they'd met. Besides, Louisa was quite ordinary next to Daisy, so he wouldn't have been interested even in his playboy days.

"Edward, this is Louisa Ye. She's the commander's daughter. Until recently, she was studying abroad," Daisy said in a cold tone. It was obvious to her that Louisa was trying to turn her and Edward against each other, right to her face. How stupid! Not only that, she had only just met the man, but the first words she exchanged with him were hateful ones!

"Oh, Miss Ye. Quite an honor to meet you." Edward frowned at first, and then he suddenly smiled sardonically. He never imagined that the upright and broad-minded commander had spawned a daughter who was so rude and shallow. Edward felt bad for him.

"Just Louisa, please. 'Miss Ye' sounds polite yet distant." Louisa was looking for a job. Since Edward was a big shot in the city, her attitude took a sharp turn. Anything she could do to make herself look better was a good idea to her.

"Sorry, I have this habit. I'm always polite to strangers, so I'll call you Miss Ye." A sly and sophisticated man like Edward would always take control of everything. He didn't like being told what to do.

"Fine. Be that way. But I don't understand. How is Leena your sister? You don't even have the same last name," Louisa asked with her head tilted, pretending to be innocent. To make the next move, she had to figure out Leena and Edward first. Best way was the direct way.

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