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   Chapter 1143 The Scheme Failed (Part Two)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 5299

Updated: 2019-02-18 01:09

"Nobody cares what you believe. What matters here is that Leena and I believe each other. Save yourself from humiliating and disgracing you and your father more. Leave. Otherwise, I'll go get your father myself to take you out of here." Kevin was grateful to the Commander. However, this woman before him was pushing the limit. He didn't want to put up with her anymore. She was just getting worse. Who did she think she was to meddle with his personal life? She was just everywhere!

"You will regret what you did to me today, Kevin. Believe me, it will cost you a lot." Louisa put her laptop away as thoughts of her father's image and reputation came to her mind. She stomped out of Kevin's office with a crumpled face. She opened the door and was about to dash out when Mark suddenly appeared before her and bumped into her. It was too late to avoid everything! The next thing they heard was her laptop hitting the floor with a bang.

"Er... I am sorry, Miss Ye. I didn't know that you were coming out." Mark apologized and squatted to pick the computer up. He got no clue that he just signed himself to trouble.

"You didn't know? Is "didn't know' a valid reason for you to break my computer?" Filled with rage, Louisa ended up taking her frustration on Mark.

"Miss Ye, if you would like, I can check your computer first to see if it is broken. If it is, I will take it to a shop and have it repaired." As innocent as Mark was, he thought that everything should be fine as long as he fixed the laptop. He didn't think about anything else.

"Repair? I just bought this compute

" As what Edward said, a problem should not be considered as a problem as long as it could be solved with money. Thirty thousand was not even a bother to him anyway.

"Daisy, that's my computer! How dare you give it to someone else!" Louisa glared at Daisy. Her decisiveness and coldness astounded her.

"This computer doesn't belong to you anymore since I agreed to buy you a new one. Are you telling me that you don't want a new laptop anymore?" Daisy was just mischievously looking at Louisa with one of her hands inside her pocket. She enjoyed how the spoiled brat's facial expression seemed to change every second.

"Fine! You win! Even so, I need to delete the private files on it." Forced to compromise, Louisa gritted her teeth. Who would prefer a repaired computer over a new one anyway? Definitely not her!

"Go ahead. Mark, give her the computer. I will have someone send her a new one very soon," said Daisy with a smirk. She signaled Kevin to stay out of the case since it was just a little trouble. She might as well handle it alone.

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