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   Chapter 1142 The Scheme Failed (Part One)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 5132

Updated: 2019-02-18 00:38

"No, you are interested, Kevin. You are just scared to see it." Louisa smiled seductively as a surge of satisfaction came to her. This was exactly what she wanted, to make the man before her fear.

"Scared? I don't even remember the last time I was scared," Kevin sneered and cocked his head. "It's useless to irritate me. It's not working." He knew that whatever Louisa was trying to show him wasn't good. Nonetheless, he wouldn't let her get what she wanted.

"That's what I thought," Louisa said as her smile went more mysterious. She put her purse on the desk and carefully took her laptop out. She had prepared everything! She had even brought her own laptop here to show Kevin her files.

"Goodness, Louisa. I can't believe that you have done a hell lot of work just for this moment. Impressive," said Kevin sarcastically. He watched her turn her laptop on. "What exactly are you trying to show me?" Well, whatever it was, he just hoped for this whole thing to be over. He seriously didn't even want anything to do with her in the future.

"You will know once you see what's on it. Be advised, though, that I didn't make this up, okay? This is all real." She inserted the USB flash drive into the slot and opened a document. Soon enough and reports written in French came into Kevin's view.

He might not know how to read or speak French but he at least knew his wife. Leena, who was dressed sexily in that picture was next to the headline.

"Are you shocked? She has been lying to you about the so-called friendship sh

anger and he was at the verge of failing it.

"I was just telling you the truth. I didn't do anything wrong. What? Do you wanna kill me? Do you want to slap me?" Louisa provoked him further. She might be frightened but she also knew that Kevin would not dare to lay a finger on her. They were at the army base and her father's office wasn't far away.

"Leena already told me about her past with Gerard. Your scheme has failed. Give up. You won't be able to break us up. At least, not with this type of cheap evidence that you just showed me." The man closed his eyes tightly and tried to calm himself. He couldn't understand why the Commander was allowing her to enter the army base. She was a civilian and that was against the rules.

"I don't believe you. I don't think that she has the face to tell you something like this! You must be lying! Why? Is your wife's deed embarrassing you too?" Anger was all over Louisa's face as she bit her lips. She didn't believe that Leena would confess her sluttiness to Kevin.

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