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   Chapter 1140 Truth And Treachery (Part Two)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 5519

Updated: 2019-02-18 00:16

"So? How do you feel about that?" Kevin got a little nervous when he heard this. He wasn't sure that she wouldn't say that she still had a thing for him, that she was going to run off with Gerard. That would break his heart in two.

"No. I blew him off when I came back from France. I told him the truth -- that I was a happily married woman. And I thought that was the end of it, but he got my address from a teacher and that's where we are now." Leena raised her head and looked at him in the eyes. Sincerity lay behind those eyes, and he would be a fool not to believe her.

"Leena, thanks for telling me. I'd rather hear it from you than find out by accident. And this is what makes me think that I'm important to you. We'll be okay. Because we can be honest with each other." Kevin finally relaxed a little. But the news that Gerard never gave up on Leena was a little disconcerting. It never occurred to him that he'd have a romantic rival, that someone else would be competing with him for Leena's heart. So he'd always felt very safe and calm. Obviously he ignored the fact that Leena was an attractive lady with a good family background.

"It's normal for a couple to be honest with each other, right?" Leena asked. Her head tilted gracefully and one corner of her mouth uplifted. Her smile made her look all the more beautiful. She actually looked fascinating from every angle.

"I don't know what to say to that." Kevin smiled bitterly. Because he failed to be honest with her right from the beginning, and that was why there were so many misunderstandings. All he could do was do better next time.

"Oh? I didn't mean to blame you. It

l like she was with Duke and her other brothers.

"You got it! You're slow today. You should take more vitamins." Kevin smiled as he smoothed her hair. With Leena cuddled in his arms, he could feel his heart beat even faster.

The moment was peaceful and beautiful, and love made their hearts grow fonder. Although Kevin didn't say "I love you" to Leena, all the time, actions spoke louder than words.

It was a daily routine -- Kevin always got up early and came home late. Whenever Leena woke up early, she'd hear a rustling. She opened her eyes, and saw Kevin looking for clothes in the wardrobe.

"Going to work now?" Leena crept out from the warm quilt with sleepy eyes. She didn't want to miss one of the few times that she caught him before he went to work.

"Oh! Sorry I woke you up. Just go back to sleep, baby. It's too early." Kevin said, yawning as he put his shirt on. As soon as he got his tie, Leena suddenly came over and took the tie from him. She was good at fixing the tie, so he let her do it. She was a fashion designer, and her skill made the tie look flawless on him.

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