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   Chapter 1138 Immeasurable Love (Part Three)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 5151

Updated: 2019-02-17 01:43

"Why should I go with him, Kevin?" Claire's mouth twitched. She wanted to explore the city but she didn't like the strange feeling she had. She was still thinking about the handsome Rain, but couldn't find any opportunity to approach him. Leena warned her to stay away from Rain, so she was embarrassed to ask Leena for more details about him. Otherwise, Leena might figure out that Claire hadn't given up on him.

"It's your first visit to S City. Why don't you travel in a group? Leena will show you around. Isn't that a good idea?" Kevin didn't know why Claire was objecting. What was wrong with his proposal? Leena had to show her friend around anyway. She wouldn't mind taking Claire with them.

"What you just said was very strange. You sound like a matchmaker. Like you deliberately wanted to bring us together. I know you don't like me, Kevin, but I didn't think you hated me so much that you'd want to wed me to a foreigner," Claire said, her tone aggrieved. She liked foreign countries a lot but it was altogether a different story to marry a foreigner.

"Relax. Gerard won't take a fancy to you. You're stroppy. I'm afraid you would bring disgrace to our country after you marry a foreigner," Kevin joked, taking delight in deriding Claire. He had a quick tongue and always said what he thought without much deliberation, but his words hurt Claire.

"Come on, Kevin. Is that what you really think of me? I'm not that bad!" Claire's voice was loud. She would have completely lost her temper if he wasn't her brother.

"He i

ed by a brain parasite, but that seemed even more farfetched. The only conclusion was that he was in love.

Meanwhile, Gerard felt a desperate urge to interrupt their obsessive eye contact. He had promised Leena that he wouldn't interfere in her life, so he resisted his impulse and gulped down the bitterness. 'It's great to see that she got married to a man who loves her so dearly. I love her too, but that doesn't mean I have to be with her. This man can make her happy so I can set my mind to rest. Maybe I have to let her go and finally move on, ' Gerard thought as he lowered his eyes.

Truthfully, Kevin didn't mean to upset Gerard by his actions. He just wanted to make it crystal clear to Louisa that she would never be able to break up his happy marriage. He would never allow it.

On the other hand, Leena felt a bit uneasy. She didn't know how long such a harmonious life could last. Once she told Kevin that Gerard was her ex-boyfriend, it would definitely cause havoc. 'Would I be doomed?' Leena wondered.

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