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   Chapter 1135 The Argument In The Tea House (Part Four)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 4643

Updated: 2019-02-17 01:20

"Mignonne, what are you three talking about? Why did your face become so pale all of a sudden?" Gerard had been silently drinking his tea while keenly watching them. He honestly couldn't understand a single word coming out of their mouths. However, he wasn't blind. He could tell from the look on Leena's face that she was unhappy and a bit angry. That made him worry about her. Were they arguing? If so, what were they arguing about?

"Leena, just admit it! Tell him! Why don't you tell him that you have been playing them and that you are only sleeping with them for their money!" Leena's reaction made Louisa think that her guess was right. Thus, she became more smug and aggressive. She was so taken over by her negative emotions when a cup of warm tea was suddenly poured on her head! She quickly looked around to see who the culprit was. And much to her surprise, it was Claire who was holding the empty cup in her hand while staring seriously at her.

"Louisa, you really went too far this time! How could you say something so disrespectful to someone you don't even know at all? Are you out of your mind?" Claire said in fury. Her disappointment was written all over her face towards her friend. Though she didn't like Leena herself before, she never thought of her as a disgraceful woman. She couldn't stand how Louisa was suggesting that Leena was a scandalous gold digger. More,

less, she wasn't regretting what she did. It was just that she could have handled the situation better. Moreover, Louisa was her friend. She could understand why she didn't like Leena. She also knew that Louisa was a bit jealous of Leena because of her brother. But still, she shouldn't have said those hurtful and disrespectful words. As Louisa's friend, Claire felt that it was her responsibility to stop her from saying more disgraceful words.

"Ha! I went too far? Why don't you say that to your dear sister-in-law? She is here laughing and joking with a man behind your brother's back! Is what she is doing right?" Though Louisa hated Claire for pouring the cup of tea on her, she still tried to control her anger. This was not the right time to break her ties with Claire. She still had something in mind that needed Claire's help. After all, Kevin had made himself clear last night. Thus, Claire was her only chance.

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