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   Chapter 1134 The Argument In The Tea House (Part Three)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 5659

Updated: 2019-02-17 00:26

"Wow! Very good, Leena." Louisa clapped her hands mockingly as she glared at the two ladies. "I don't know why Claire suddenly became protective of you. You must have done something really good to make her betray me. Did you use the same strategy as what you are using to get those guys?" It was clear that Louisa just came here to pick a fight with Leena. This was her way of getting back at Leena after she stayed in the parking lot for a very long time that night. Kevin's cruel words made her cry her heart out on the cold floor. Worse, she never expected Kevin to just abandon her there without even looking back. She felt like trash.

"Please mind your words, Miss Ye! I never hook up with other guys!" Leena dangerously squinted her eyes. Her stare at Louisa was freezing. So what if Louisa was a commander's daughter? She couldn't even make a living without her father's help! She had no right to insult her like that! Compared to Louisa, she had already proven herself by gaining her financial independence. Kevin might be her father's subordinate. So? Who cared about it? Nobody of course! It was not like she or her dad owned the army base! Thus, Leena didn't even have to be careful around her at all.

"Oh my God! The guy you've been cheating on Kevin with is right before my eyes! What more evidence do I need?" Louisa felt happy upon seeing Leena lost her cool. It was exactly her goal. She wanted this woman to be mad. Moreover, she wanted her to suffer. It was only then that she would feel a bit better.

"Oh! You mean Gerard?" Leena's eyebrows deeply furrowed but it only took her a second before she suddenly smiled. "Why? Are you jealous of me, Miss Ye? Is it because the

an words to Leena! Leena was still her sister-in-law and Louisa surely went too far this time. How could she possibly insult Leena like that? She was horrible!

"What is it, Claire? Was I not right? Did I rub in the fact too hard?" Louisa turned to Leena after giving Claire a smirk. "Hey, Leena! Was that how you managed to marry Kevin? Ho ho! I bet that was what you did. Well, he is kind of shy and silly after all. That must be the reason why you were able to trick him to be your husband." The more Louisa talked, the more she thought that she was right. She was completely lashing out on Leena because of how Kevin hurt her feelings. No one could stop her from attacking Leena, not even Claire!

Louisa's words were like a bitch-slap on Leena's face. She was guilty of tricking Kevin by intentionally approaching him while she was tipsy. She was suddenly at a loss for words as she felt her blood drain out of her face. Though she never demanded Kevin to take responsibility for their one-night stand, they still married. It would be a forever fact that Kevin never married her out of love but because of her trickery.

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