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   Chapter 1133 The Argument In The Tea House (Part Two)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 5952

Updated: 2019-02-17 00:16

Her friend's tone automatically made Claire uncomfortable. She apologetically smiled at Leena. She was slowly changing her opinion about her sister-in-law even though she hadn't realized it yet. Plus! She just used her money. Thus, no matter how much she hated Leena before, she couldn't help but be nice to her.

"Would you like some pastries?" Leena didn't mind Louisa's action because she decided to completely ignore her. Well, it was all up to her if she wanted to act stocked up. She didn't want to be the one to start up a conversation with her only to be mocked in return.

"No, thank you. I ate a lot at lunch. I just got tired of shopping so I decided to come here and rest for a bit. How about you? I thought that you would take Gerard to visit the historic places here in S City. I didn't expect you two to come here." Claire picked up the cup of tea Leena poured for her and sipped. To be honest, she was not a fan of tea either. She only came here because she had a very greasy meal for lunch and wanted to drink something that could help her get rid of the greasy taste in her mouth.

"I planned to but then I thought that you haven't been to those places too. So I changed my mind. If you like, I can take you and Gerard together to those historical places instead once you have free time." Leena's smile to Claire was a bit bitter. It was noticeable that her sister-in-law's treatment to her had changed. However, she also knew clearly that these changes weren't because Claire realized that she was indeed a very nice person. Claire was being nice simply because she had spent her money. Nothing more and nothing less. Just the thought of it hurt her a lot.

"Okay! Louisa, you are going together with us, right? The more people the merrier!" said Claire excit

r-in-law. She didn't say anything bad about you!" It could either be because of Claire's innocence or her mental slowness that she didn't realize what Leena meant by her words. Nonetheless, she was also confused as to why would Louisa become suddenly angry.

"Claire! Are you intentionally making me mad? Whose side are you on?" Louisa glared at her friend. She couldn't believe how stupid Claire could be! Didn't this girl promise to be on her side? She wouldn't even want to talk with Claire if she hadn't thought of her as something useful to get Kevin. Couldn't Claire understand that Leena just mocked her? Goodness! She was so oblivious! Worse was that she even defended Leena! That was so unforgivable. Didn't she dislike Leena as much as she did? How could everything change overnight?

"I was just saying the truth, that's all! Why are you so angry in the first place? I really can't understand you sometimes. Louisa!" Claire felt extremely wronged and couldn't help but yell at Louisa. She wasn't taking anyone's side. Besides, it was Louisa who attacked Leena first. What she did was just fair. She was just being reasonable. Wasn't she allowed to help her sister-in-law?

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