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   Chapter 1132 The Argument In The Tea House (Part One)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 5827

Updated: 2019-02-16 05:13

"Are you coming with me or not?" Leena rolled her eyes at Gerard and then walked away without even waiting for his reply. The mild smile on her cute face stayed as she was still in a good mood even after being shocked earlier.

"Wait for me! Who am I to refuse you if you want to treat me, right?" Gerard shook his head helplessly before running after Leena. He acted like he didn't meet Kevin just now. It seemed that he either ignored his existence because he didn't want to believe the truth, or he had already accepted the truth that Leena was married to a great man and decided to let go. Sometimes, men seemed to be more persistent than women but once they gave up about something, they truly gave it up.

Leena brought Gerard to a tea house that she rarely visited by herself. She chose this place because she knew that Kevin liked drinking tea. She wanted to try the tea from this tea house and then she could understand him more.

"Mignonne, since when have you liked drinking tea?" Gerard asked as he sat down with Leena. He was utterly confused. As far as he knew, Leena never liked drinking tea, so what were they doing in this tea house now?

"Well, I'm trying to like it." Leena just shrugged her shoulders and smiled. Then she poured herself a cup of tea and added in a more serious tone,"By the way, how long are you going to stay in S City? Are you waiting for professor Bella so you could go back to France with her?" She threw him a worried glance. She was uncomfortable with the fact that Gerard came here by himself. She even thought that what he did was a really bad idea. Wasn't he afraid of losing his place in his family business while staying in another country? There might be a lot of people wanting to steal his

thing that Louisa pushed her to check the card first. She didn't expect for Leena to be this generous after all! The digits she saw had confused her about her sister-in-law again. If Leena was just an ordinary girl from an ordinary family, then how on earth did she get that much money in her card? Not only that! How could an ordinary girl just give her that amount of money as if it was not even a big deal?

"Claire, what a nice surprise! Did you two come here to drink some tea too? Come sit with us!" Leena patted the seat beside her as she gestured Claire to sit down. However, it was obvious that she didn't pay much attention to Louisa, who was standing next to Claire.

"Louisa, can we sit with them?" Claire turned to the lady beside her and asked. It was obvious that she cared about Louisa, or else she wouldn't ask for her permission.

"Alright." Louisa's tone was weird when she glanced at Leena disdainfully. Just the mere sight of Leena's face was enough to make her remember every hurtful word Kevin said to her the other night. She felt bitter all over again. How could the two of them live happily together after hurting her so cruelly?

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