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   Chapter 1131 Leena's Life Was Hanging By A Thread (Part Two)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 8149

Updated: 2019-02-16 05:13

"What are you looking at? Hurry up and take these criminals to the ICPO. Send them away," Daisy waved her hands at them and urged them to leave. It was the couple's happy moment. They shouldn't be disturbed.

"Yes, Senior Colonel Ouyang. We will get going," Hawkeye said and hurriedly took the criminal away. His loud voice startled the couple, who were in an embrace.

"Sis Daisy." Leena left Kevin's arms and turned to Daisy. She hugged Daisy, sniffing her light jasmine scent. Leena blushed when she thought of how she had misunderstood things back at the restaurant. She had been convinced that Daisy and Kevin were truly dating.

"Leena, you scared both of us!" Daisy had hardly recovered from the shock. Fortunately, Kevin had taken the lead and saved Leena. Daisy couldn't imagine what would have transpired if he hadn't knocked down the gun seconds ahead of her. She had to admit that with regards to speed, she could never outmaneuver Kevin. Moreover, he was backed by the power of his love, so his speed had been unusually fast. Kevin's anxiety had been plain to see.

"Sorry. I didn't expect that this would happen to us. We didn't expect to run into your task. Sorry for causing you so much trouble." Leena felt incredibly guilty. She never wanted Kevin and Daisy to be subject to the gangster's demands just because of her.

"Don't say that. You did not trouble us. Even if it was not someone we know, it's our duty to ensure the safety of every citizen. Stop worrying your little head!"

Daisy patted Leena's forehead, feigning a sullen look. It had been a close shave. Daisy had held her breath when she realized that Leena intended to knock down the gangster. In such a critical moment when Leena's life was hanging by a thread, Daisy didn't know how to stop her from risking her life. She didn't even get the opportunity to warn Kevin. She could only cooperate with Leena. Daisy had been too late to control the gangster and couldn't imagine how it would have ended if Kevin hadn't reacted quickly to the situation.

Kevin's gaze was still fixed on Leena. His eyes brimmed with deep affection. He had finally figured out his heart just moments ago. It was not like Kevin never had any feelings for her, he just didn't know when she had so quietly walked into his heart. She caught him off-guard and won him over, and now she was the most important person in his life.

"Mignonne, you are finally out of danger.

ssion with interest.

"Mignonne, I realize now why you told me that we can't be together. I'm not your type, am I?" Gerard glanced at Leena, dejected. He seemed to comprehend the situation now.

"No, I wouldn't say that. It depends on what the man is like. My type doesn't really matter," Leena said, smiling gracefully. Her 'type' was not the only standard according to which she loved a man. She attached more importance to a man's morality, and how she felt when she first saw him. The first time she met Kevin, she was drunk and chose him over anyone else. He left a good impression on her at the very first sight, otherwise she would not have had sex with him.

"But that confuses me even more," Gerard said, frowning. He pondered over Leena's words, but it seemed that the harder he tried to figure out why they ended up like this, the further he drifted away from the answer he wanted.

"Don't think anymore. Just use your eyes to see and your heart to feel. You will get it eventually. Let's go now! I'll treat you to afternoon tea." Leena walked past him briskly and led the way. She had promised Kevin that she would wait for him to pick her up. She would gladly do so. During the time she waited for him, she didn't mind spending some more time with Gerard.

"But didn't you say that you would go home after you send me back to the hotel? Now you're inviting me to drink tea. What made you change your mind?" Gerard didn't understand Leena and Kevin's language, so he didn't know that Leena changed her plans because Kevin told her to. If Gerard knew about that, he would probably feel distressed again.

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