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   Chapter 1130 Leena's Life Was Hanging By A Thread (Part One)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 7719

Updated: 2019-02-16 04:30

"It's impossible for you to escape from here even if you resist. If you're a clever man, you would release the hostage first. You may be treated with leniency for that." Daisy stared at the man's gun, looking for an opportunity to shoot him dead while he was negligent.

"Cut the crap. We know what we committed was a capital crime. No matter what we do now, we will only face the death penalty," the gangster said, sneering. Judging from their tense expressions, he assumed that the hostage he took was someone they knew. This could be of advantage to him. The more high-strung the situation was, the more likely it was that they would give themselves over to blind emotion. The soldiers could easily lose their heads, no matter how composed they were normally.

Leena tried her best to stay calm, but the gun was pointed right at her temple. Anyone facing such a situation would be scared, and Leena was just a vulnerable woman. As frightened as she was, she tried her best not to show the slightest hint of panic so that Kevin and Daisy did not grow agitated.

"If only Leena knew how to fight! That way, perhaps she could coordinate with us and get herself out of danger," Kevin murmured. His gaze did not stray from the gangster's movements. Never had he felt as frustrated as he did right now. If a man couldn't even protect his own wife, how could he be worthy of the army badges on his shoulders that celebrated his glory?

"I didn't think of that. Do you mean to shoot him dead with Leena's cooperation? Or are you not confident about it? If you don't kill him with a single shot, there might be terrible consequences." Daisy pondered over the strategy. As opposed to Kevin's suggestion, she thought the safest way for them was to snipe at the criminal when he was being inattentive.

"Yes, you read my mind. So now I'm at a loss," Kevin said as his eyes still locked on Leena. He feared that the gangster would go bananas and accidentally fire his gun.

"Please help her. You must save Mignonne. She's innocent," Gerard pleaded as he shook Kevin's arm violently. He was obviously overwhelmed by this situation.

"Who are you? You know what, never mind. It doesn't matter who you are. Get out of here, right now. You will hinder the rescue." Only then did Kevin take note of the other man.

fight. She took advantage of the criminal's wandering eyes and reached out to push away his hand that held the gun. She swiftly crouched to sweep at him. At once, Kevin jumped over to them. Moving faster than Daisy, he knocked down the gun that the criminal tried to aim at Leena's head. Daisy didn't stop as Kevin snatched up the opportunity to strike him down. She followed up and seized the criminal by his shoulders. He was finally in her control.

"Leena, you scared the hell out of me. You can't be so impulsive next time you are in danger." Kevin lifted her from the ground and pulled her into his arms, as if getting back a lost treasure. If he had been even a second late in knocking the gun down, Leena would have been lying in her own pool of blood right now.

"Kevin, I was scared too." Leena burst into tears, unable to hold them back any longer. She had closed her eyes during the fight and was ready to receive the bullet. She didn't expect the gangster to be so strong that her sweep wouldn't work. That was how he got the chance to try and point the gun at her again.

"It's all over now, don't be afraid. I'm here with you," Kevin said as he planted a gentle kiss on her forehead. Hawkeye and others arrived on the scene. The team took over the criminal from Daisy and couldn't help but stare at the heartwarming scene next to them. They had heard that the Major General was married, but they had never seen his eyes so tender and full of love. They had not imagined meeting his wife in such a dangerous situation.

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