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   Chapter 1129 Leena Was Taken Hostage (Part Two)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 7574

Updated: 2019-02-16 04:30

"Mignonne, have I told you you've changed a lot? If you were this wise back when we were together, I'm sure I would have never broken up with you." Every time Gerard brought this up, he felt intense regret. As a proud man, he knew better than to entangle himself in pursuing Leena again. He came to S City to find an answer for his restless heart and just as he had guessed, the situation between them was irreparable. He only hoped he could spend time with Leena as a friend over the next few days. It would serve as a remedy for his broken heart.

"So, you regret it now? I am grateful that you let me go. Because of it, I found the person with whom I want to spend the rest of my life." She told herself not to look at Kevin and Daisy umpteen times, but couldn't help herself. This time when her eyes wandered back to their seat, they were gone. She stood up in alarm, her eyes abruptly searching for them.

"What are you looking at? Are you searching for someone?" Gerard asked, standing up in confusion as well. He noticed that she kept looking in one direction, but he found nothing unusual when he followed her gaze. Previously, he had seen a passionate couple occupying a table there, but such intimacy was common in the western world. Leena herself should know, as she had lived in France for a long time. How was she still bothered by it?

"Nope. Let's sit. I saw something but it must have been my imagination. It's probably because I feel a little dizzy," Leena said, patting her hair nervously. That must be it. In any case, Kevin and Daisy were not supposed to be so snug and intimate.

In actuality, the criminals had left, so Kevin and Daisy followed them. That was the reason why Leena couldn't spot them anymore.

Still keeping up the ruse of being a couple, Kevin and Daisy stalked the criminals from a distance and made sure they weren't discovered. They took the elevator and got to the floor where the criminals stayed. Straightaway, the culprits caught sight of them and raised their guns. Kevin and Daisy found themselves in a sudden encounter. Fortunately, they had prepared in advance for such a scenario. The innocents staying on the same floor had been relocated to a safer place earlier. At least Kevin and Daisy didn't have to worr

s eyes didn't move from Leena.

"Well! We've got Hawkeye and others keeping an eye on them. I was worried you wouldn't be able to cope with this one all by yourself, so I followed you here. But I didn't expect this," Daisy said as she perused her surroundings stealthily. She tried to find the best corner to snipe at the gunman.

"Any good position?" Kevin asked her quietly. He had coordinated with Daisy for many years so he could tell what she was thinking.

"Honestly, no. We are in a dead corner, so we have zero chance. Let's play it by ear," Daisy replied, frowning. She had carried out lots of missions in the past but never before had she been so flustered.

"What are you two discussing? No talking or I shoot her!" The criminal announced. His eyes shone fiercely as he held Leena tightly. Leena winced in pain but made no noise. She didn't want Kevin to worry about her.

"As far as I know, you are a veteran! Do you consider it manly behavior to take a vulnerable girl hostage?" Kevin goaded him promptly. He was worried sick and on edge, but he pretended to keep his cool. The more dangerous the situation was, the better it would be for him to be of sound mind.

"You sound like you already have all the information on us. No wonder you found us so fast," the criminal countered back, feeling agitated. Their gang arrived in S City only today. How could these guys be so quick in gathering intel and taking all the necessary precautions? It seemed these two knew the gang too well.

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