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   Chapter 1128 Leena Was Taken Hostage (Part One)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 7527

Updated: 2019-02-16 03:25

"Mignonne, stop trying to persuade me. I need time! Maybe I'll forget you soon, or maybe it'll take me my entire life to get over you. But right now, don't tell me to stop loving you," Gerard voiced out his thought mournfully and tried to keep smiling. He had expected this result before he arrived here but didn't anticipate it would be so decisive.

"Trust me, Gerard, unrequited love is dismal and exhausting. Have you thought about that?" Leena asked, gazing up at him. She knew the acrid taste of unrequited love very well. It was the most miserable memory of her life, so she knew how much it hurt.

"I feel it now. But compared to not loving you at all, I'd rather it be a one-sided affair so that I remain true to my soul." Gerard smiled, shrugging. To many people, he was just a noble French boy born into a rich family. He was used to the party life. But in truth, he only hoped to spend his entire life with someone special.

"As you wish! I can't stop you from doing it, but I hope you can live happily," Leena said faintly. No matter what, Gerard was still her friend. Why would she want him to be unhappy?

"If I hadn't let you go in the first place, do you think you would have been my wife by now?" Gerard asked, holding on to the last shred of hope. There was a saying that went,"The best are always unpossessed." That was true for Gerard too.

"No. Because we aren't suitable for each other," Leena said, taking a sip of her wine. She turned to focus her attention to the door and tried to avoid eye contact with him. As she glanced in that direction, she saw something that shocked her.

She found Kevin and Daisy walking into the hotel hand-in-hand, wearing casual clothes and standing awfully close to each other. Daisy laughed at something Kevin said. Both of them were so good-looking that they attracted a lot of attention. They looked like a real couple.

Unbeknownst to Leena, the army's plan was in action. The criminals were staying at the hotel. Kevin and Daisy had come here to get acquainted with the lot and to make sure everything went well.

They went to sit near some foreign men. The people around them couldn't tell that Kevin and Daisy were alert to the slightest noise. The pair behaved intimately li

fed at the irony. Only minutes ago she had been convincing Gerard to get out of her life, and now she was glad to be looked after by him.

"Mignonne, you are not living a happy life as you described, are you?" Gerard asked with some sympathy. He had never seen such sadness in her eyes. Coldness, yes, but never such misery.

"Pfft! What are you talking about? Have you ever seen anyone happier than me?" Leena laughed, pretending to be unperturbed. Her heart was bitter and suffering but she didn't want Gerard to see that.

"Don't you always say lying to ourselves is not good behavior? Your eyes have already betrayed your lie," Gerard replied. He loved her eyes. They were so pure and innocent; her true self reflected in them. He had never seen this kind of beauty in anyone else. None of his other friends were like her. Gerard realized once again that he had been too stupid to cherish her back when they were together.

"Eyes can deceive too. Never judge someone by their eyes, Gerard," Leena uttered, taking a sip of the water. She was upset, yes, but she didn't want to drown her sorrow in drinks. Her situation wasn't so pathetic yet. Moreover, what one saw with one's own eyes was not always true. 'If Kevin and Daisy are behaving like this out in the open, they must be undercover on a secret mission, ' Leena wondered if it was a possibility. She didn't plan to ask them in person what was going on, no matter how confused she felt. She might ruin their task if she interfered.

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