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   Chapter 1127 The Meaning Of Happiness (Part Four)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 4857

Updated: 2019-02-16 00:26

"Gerard, I am sorry. But I have to tell you that after I met my husband, I finally came to know what love meant. The affection I had for you was the naive emotion of a little girl who was too young to know what love was. What we shared was not about true love. I know you might feel hurt by my saying that, but it is the truth. Please, please don't expect anything else from me. It will never work and won't be worth it. This is what I told you before in Paris too. We can only be friends." This was Leena. She never offered hope to others where there was none. Any false hope would only wound him even more. When it was time to be hard and straight, Leena knew how to be so. A short moment of pity would deepen the hurt in future. It was better not to have such pity at all.

"You're very cruel, Mignonne. You already know why I am here. Yes, I came here for you, only for you. But even before I could open my mouth, you've sentenced me to my death." Gerard forced a bitter smile. His young and handsome face was marked with sadness. Yes, he had made a wrong decision at that time, but how it could morph into such an impossible situation? He didn't only lose her, he also lost his first love. He was in deep remorse.

"I apologize, Gerard. This is the best response I can give you. We cannot turn back the clock. Even though you're reluctant and unwilling right now, you must admit that what's gone is gone. Gerard, I am married, and I love my husband

he right to love you. Just please, don't be so cruel to me. Just like you said earlier, the happiness I want can also be simple. As long as you look at me and smile, I will be satisfied." Gerard closed his eyes. This was a pain that could not be described in words. He was in love with her but had to bury his love deep in his heart. He had to pretend he was fine just being friends with her. Otherwise he would not get the chance to be near her.

"Gerard, you don't need to be like this. You know, in my mind, you are always so elegant and unconventional. Acting like this is totally not your style. You were like a young prince in France. Why waste your precious youth on me?" Leena swallowed and furrowed her brows. At the same time, she laughed at herself silently, feeling somewhat helpless. She found that she was not a good guide after all. Instead of things getting solved, they had turned an irreversible tide. The whole situation made her feel frustrated.

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