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   Chapter 1126 The Meaning Of Happiness (Part Three)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 4762

Updated: 2019-02-16 00:16

"Good question, Kevin. It is correct that they have spent many resources on this case. However, there is also the problem of location. Don't forget that this is S city, not some western countries. Once the foreign faces of Interpol appear here, it would immediately arouse the suspicions of the criminals. They'll be too conspicuous to be kept a secret. The Interpol does not want the criminals to raise their vigilance, so we have to support them." The commander sighed. It was not his intention to expose his people to such a dangerous mission, but this was an order. As a soldier, he could not display the slightest disobedience. He had to follow the orders and so did his subordinates.

"I understand. So, that's why you're asking us to pretend to be a couple to get close to the targets." Kevin smiled bitterly. He had long been accustomed to such missions. Daisy and he often did it in previous tasks. Before, there had never been a reason not to take up the missions. But he felt differently this time about pretending to be a couple with Daisy. He was married to Leena now.

"That is correct! You two are the most suitable people to play lovers in this army base. Both of you are skilled and experienced too. Besides, you two have worked together on many tasks before and are a good team. This task should not be difficult. Aren't you confident about it like I am?" The commander beamed, not exaggerating a bit. In th

eeling in him.

"For me, happiness is to have the one you love love you back. What about you? What does happiness mean to you?" Gerard stared at her intensely as if he was trying to convey the love in his heart.

"Happiness is the smile he wears when he lowers his head to look at me, a quiet call of my name from his thin lips, the softness with which he holds me in his arms and the warmth I feel when his eyes meet mine. Those moments define happiness for me. So, do you think I am happy?" Leena smiled with her head bowed down. A tender look arose on Leena's face as if she was intoxicated in her sweet memories.

"Mignonne, when you say that, you look like a girl who has fallen in love. You love him very much, am I right? Even more than you loved me before." Gerard was upset. He never saw such an impassioned expression in her eyes when they had been together. She was in love, certainly, and the man she was in love with was not him.

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