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   Chapter 1125 The Meaning Of Happiness (Part Two)

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 6165

Updated: 2019-02-15 03:00

"What are these two girls up to?" Kevin looked at his phone, baffled to hear Claire suddenly end the call.

He shook his head and could not help but roll his eyes. He had been afraid that they would get into arguments and quarrels with each other when he was not home. But it seemed that everyone had their appointments to attend to, no matter if he was there or not. In any case, it was good to see that both of them had something to do.

Kevin smiled helplessly. He decided to call Leena later, even though he desperately wished to hear her voice right now. The reason he wanted to talk to her was to inform her that he had a special assignment tonight and wouldn't be able to get home on time. He didn't expect that the first time he tried to report this itinerary to his wife as her husband, he would not even be able to contact her.

"Excuse me, Major General! May I come in?" Just then, Lee's high-pitched voice suddenly sounded from outside. As always, Lee was calm and courteous, even during this busy moment.

"Come in, please." Kevin put down his phone and leaned back against his chair. He decided to forget all his trifles and concentrate on the task at hand. He wondered why Lee had barged in.

"Major General, the commander would like you to go to his office right now. He said that it was an emergency." Being in the army, Lee was always dignified. One could not find any trace of indiscipline in his actions. He was a role model for the newer soldiers. Kevin immediately sat upright at his words.

"Oh, I see. I'll come right away." Kevin frowned, wondering what kind of emergency this was. He did not waste any more time thinking and stood up, straightening his military uniform before stepping out of his office door.

"Commander, what happened? I heard that there was an emergency." Kevin walked into the commander's

ons. 'Not much information on the targets', was that what he said? It turned out that the commander was just tricking them with his uncertain glances and clueless tone. Kevin and Daisy were speechless. They had been used to his style but had forgotten just now.

Kevin recovered quickly. "Does this mean that their trade is ahead of schedule too? Where will they make the deal? Do we have the address? Where are they right now?" Kevin threw several questions at the commander. He had been in the plan previously and could promptly link the current situation with the earlier information he had received.

"The place where they plan to trade has not been changed, only the timing has. We must strive to cooperate with the Interpol and not let our international friends down. And we do not want them to look down upon us. Agreed?" Commander gazed sharply at his two most outstanding soldiers. He had absolute confidence in their abilities.

"Yes, Sir. However, I do not understand something. The Interpol has sent many cops on this case. Why do they still require our support? Why couldn't they get much more information?" Kevin was somehow puzzled. Was the Interpol authentic? Or was there a bigger picture behind this case?

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